Nov 14 2012
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Massive gift machine delay is back.

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An hour after sending my main account the Turkey Headress from my secondary account, and I still didn't get it.


Just a word of warning, Lockwood ****ed something up again.

Thanks to nDreams and the new Xi, my PS3 froze during Xi's download process and put me in a perpetual loop of file restorations every time I start up my PS3. I can no longer play Playstation Home or any of my PS3 games. 600+ dollars spent on Home content, down the ****ing drain. I'm done with Playstation Home, I'm done with Sony, and I'm done with this site, as my current PS3 situation no longer warrants my being here. Bye everyone.
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Re: Massive gift machine delay is back.

Nov 14, 2012
Its the Wednesday rush issue. Every wednesday when Home updates it will be this way. I'm not saying its acceptable, but most is very laggy on Wednesdays. I personally have froze out four times today...standing around. :/
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Re: Massive gift machine delay is back.

Nov 14, 2012

Yesterday BEFORE the update, I wanted to send two items to my friend for her birthday. After managing to send one, I froze. The machine just freezes randomly, or it kicks you out, and you can't re-enter unless you leave the space and then return... which I tried like three times and froze each time. I had to re-log in six times to finally be able to send the second item. This took a total of half an hour.


For me, with update days, the likelihood of freezing increases significantly but it never seems to go away any day of the week. That machine needs to be updated with a fix BADLY.

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