Feb 28 2014
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March 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Since March 1 is on a weekend, I'm opening this and shutting down the February thread a little early.


So, here's the March 2014 version of the community suggestion thread.


Please feel free to suggest any content that you're interested in seeing in PlayStation Home.  This is a thread for content suggestions (clothing, LMOs, spaces, etc.), not for functionality.  Thanks, and have fun!

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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

Feb 28, 2014

More Japanese themed items. Since there are so many types of Anime from Ninjas to Demons etc. you should have quite a bit to work with. There are many other items from Japanese culture to choose from.


Superheroes and Supervillians!  The last effort was pitiful at best. My H.S. Math Teacher just doesn't cut it.


More game related content. To promote the PS4, you could add spaces based on the new games coming out for that system. Add both Male and Female rewards to keep everyone happy.


Mythical Characters seem to be selling so why not expand that.? Odins six legged Horse Sleipnir would be a great LMO.  How about the shapeshifter Coyote from Native American myth. Since almost every culture has Myths you could have a wide variety of  content. Again, both Male and Female.


Although its been mentioned before, a Personal Space with a Bowling Alley.

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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

Feb 28, 2014
a storage trunk for personal basis so that we can free up some of our inventory right. The one like the Waterfall Terrace trunk would be an ideal example.
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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Feb 28, 2014

A hovering book.  It could flip a few pages and maybe spit out some glitter ... you know, because books spit glitter.  XD

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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

Feb 28, 2014

Video game content.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

Feb 28, 2014
Sorry for the on a mobile.
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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Feb 28, 2014

How about weekly updates that tell everyone what new content is coming out that week.

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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Feb 28, 2014


Thank you very much for reading my suggestion, I hope you will love my concept for improving the wardrobe in PlayStation Home.


Please head to the thread of the suggestion, to state your support! 


In this suggestion, I am going to present you three new tools, which I believe are essential for every Home user.


The first one: A brand new storage.

The Second: A toll that will let you get rid of the items you do not want.

And the third: Is a breakthrough toll that will organize your clothes.


  1. A new storage
  2. A Trash Can
  3. An organizer


These are not three individual tools, it is one tool. And I am calling it THE BANK!


Before I am getting into it, I will talk for a moment about the current wardrobe. You see, in the first several months of using Home, the wardrobe works superbly.  It loads fast, it allows you to comfortably use the few rewards and purchases you have. And I am sure every new Home user will tell you that he/she is very satisfied from how the wardrobe works.


The problems start when you have a bit more clothing items than few. The message “You have received a new item” pops more frequently, there are more clothing items you buy, you win a contest or two, and suddenly your wardrobe becomes bigger, it loads slower, items are automatically move into the storage, and a system that was once very user friendly, turns suddenly into a real pain!


The common solution people suggest for the situation is to allow us to delete/ gift/ donate the items we do not want.


However, we already know that it is impossible to take off items from our accounts. It is neither impossible to gift items neither to donate them, once you have acquired a clothing item, be it the item you wanted the most, or an ugly T shirt you will never wear, you will not be able to get rid of it, Never.


So, how can you get rid of these items you do not want, but yet to still possess them?

Umm, the answer is by storing these items in a storage which you will have a full access to the items on it, but yet, a storage which will not load along with your primer wardrobe.


THE BANK will solve three main issues:

  1. Slow loading time of the wardrobe:Since, many of the items in your wardrobe will be moved to an external storage, your wardrobe will holds much less items on it, and this will benefits the loading times.
  2.  Unorganized wardrobe: These items you will decide not to deposit in your BANK will remain organized, and I believe it  will be easier to find every item you want. Also, THE BANK itself, will be organized, since the sorting of it will be very deep.
  3. The “Junk” in your wardrobe, will no longer be a threat, and something that disturbs you. You will be able to moved these items you do not want into your BANK, and they will stay there.


So what is THE BANK?

THE BANK will be an external storage which will not load along with your primer wardrobe, the items on it, will not be wearable, until moved to your wardrobe, but, you will be able to freely move items from and to your BANK.


THE BANK itself will be accessible via active furniture, which will be placed on every public space, and also a free copy of THE BANK will be given to every user, so you will be able to place it on every private space/ club you own.


THE BANK will automatically organize all items you have deposited into it under the categories:

Male/ Female-> Purchased/Rewards-> Developer.

Also, users will be able to organize the items they own, in the way they want using TABS, which I will talk about them in the next paragraph.



Let’s say, you want to place all the dresses you own in one place, and searching for that particular dress you want using the default search, sounds to you inconvenient. You will be able to move the items in your BANK, to a TAB, so you will be able to withdraw the item you want to wear, right now, fast.

 Of course, a dedicated TAB for dresses only, is only one single suggestion, you can use the tabs in any way you like, and items can only be moved to a particular TAB manually, so it will look the exact way you want.


Additional features:

-          Search box: If you know the name of the item you are looking for, you will be able to search for it, and bypassing the ordinary search.

-          Enable/ disable 3D presentation: While in store, you are able to see your avatar wearing a particular clothing item. Although this is a wonderful feature, it slows down the stores, and it takes longer to fully see all the available items for sale. In THE BANK, you will be able to enable/ disable this feature, so you will be able to load THE BANK faster.


I do not suggest anything revolutionary here.

On every PS Home store, the items are perfectly organized under their brands (Dani, Drey, Figment etc).

Also, all purchasable items can be found under the name of their respective developers.

That means that “An organizer” is already deep in the heart of PlayStation Home.


Every item you purchase from the PlayStation Store, or any other trusty store that sells digital content, can be found under a ‘Downloads list’ or ‘Purchased’ tab. THE BANK will be the replica of this tab in PlayStation Home.


Therefore I believe SCE, can develop this system in several weeks.


                                                                                                         . . .

Please head to the thread of the suggestion to state your support!

Thank you for taking the time reading my suggestion!

 If you would like to state your support to my suggestion, please leave a message, and your name will be added to the supporters list.

Supporters are essential to make this change!

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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

Feb 28, 2014

Add in PlayStation and third-party gaming content for March.

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Re: March 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Feb 28, 2014

More styles of backlit picture frames, in a 16:9 ratio to better fit our pics taken with the Home camera!  


This pic is a comparison of the standard Harbour Studio frame and Codeglue's Cardboard Cartel 70" LCD TV. The backlit feature makes a HUGE difference, especially in darker spaces. As you can see by the white bars on edges, neither frame is a 16:9 ratio that would be ideal for the 1280x720 pics taken with the Home camera on an HDTV. 

Harbour Studio frame vs Codeglue 70-inch LED TV frame.png


I would like to see a greater variety of picture frame styles, that are backlit and 16:9 ratio. Ideally, different types of wood, painted wood, ornate gold or silver, modern metal, maybe a few bright colors, matted and unmatted, etc. 

picture frame styles.png


What I would REALLY love to see are (active item, wall hanging) vintage movie poster frames with bulbs around the edges and customizable signs on the bottom. Part of the sign would be fixed, but the rest would be customizable by us, like the message boards and director's chairs from Game Mechanics, or the LED ticker from nDreams. The blank area should be *at least* as long as the maximum character count of a PSN ID. Ideally, I'd like to see 1 option without a marquee, and 3 more options that would read:














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