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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

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Mar 20, 2013

hello can you guys add the redbull beach public space jukebox active item in the next future updates .The music is very much missed to and for the owners of the redbull beach personal space apartment sony workers and modds


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personal suggestion2

Mar 20, 2013

hello last suggestion for the day .Can you add some custum animation tiger outfits with tiger fighting emotes? how about a tiger personal space with a jungle next too a beach or something or make that jungle by the beach be a forest by the beach and also being able to swim in the beach .I thought about a essence of large hills Smiley Happy  essence of fire works Can you add these updates to our na region..I've been waiting since 09 to request for these clear thoughtful suggestions for us home users so i hope that you do consider my multiple suggestions sony workers and modds .It would realy be appreciated much  .Thank you all for listening and good daySmiley Happy

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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 21, 2013

     Suggestions from the Community Blog Event



  1. Conan emots like the puppet string dance, the spin and head bop.
  2. An LMO that has a big net so we can snag our friends with it with a little giggle or dance at the end of the swing.
  3. Smile emotions for the chat log



The suggestions posted are from the Community Blog Event.  The members that were there was talking about these ideas.


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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 21, 2013
I would love Clank from Ratchet & clank as a companion and/or backpack, an oversized painting brush as an hand item, and more LMOs based on PlayStation games rather than generic
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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 21, 2013
A baseball speed pitching game active item.. faster the pitch the more and the better the prize..
A dunking booth game active item.. again the more times you hit target the bigger and better the prize
A table tennis game active item... you versus computer numerous prizes for numerous lvls
A backgammon active item
Portable chairs (beach chairs)
Beach towel ornaments
A selection of pinball machine active items with rewards
A mrs pack an arcade machine
A ps2 ornament
A ps3 ornament
Ps2 and 3 controllers
The ps vita gamers lounge
The PS plus lounge that UK got
The ability to hang pics on walls in clubs
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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 21, 2013
Crackle update. (Like promised)
More dance floors
Spring and summer pastel sun dresses
a salad bar ornament for granzella
2 person locomotion motorcycles
2 person locomotion horses
A air hockey active item with rewards
How bout a handball active item with a handball court personal space
Kite active items
Tennis courts active item
Putting green game active item
Bowling alley personal space
police scanner active item
Grocery bags prefilled with food items ornaments
Hair saloon personal space
Soda fountain ornament
Ice cream fountain ornament
Hangman game active item
Vacume cleaners
More portable curtains
More washer and dryer ornaments
Baby human pets (lol)
Baby clothes
Changing tables
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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 21, 2013

Now that we finally have motorbikes, How about some nice driving leathers, jackets, chaps, gloves, helmets, hats and bandannas?

No NOT those Clown Coloured riding boots on the last update.....

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More Suggestions for March/April

Mar 21, 2013

1: Some WWE moves/signiture emotes or poses such as::


Some clothing ideas::












Personal spaces::


- Wizard of Oz themed (New movie or old movie)


- Bowling Alley (Our own)


-Neon glow spaces


Public spaces::


Nancy Drew 




Neon or Glow (Where you can wear the glow clothes)


Store suggestion::

COSTUMES- Add new costumes

THREADS- Add new free or change prices to free for first time Home people who join)





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Re: More Suggestions for March/April

Mar 21, 2013

This needs to go in the official thread for the developers to see it! Smiley Happy

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Re: More Suggestions for March/April

Mar 21, 2013
Nancy Drew Public Space!?! :Q haha
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