Mar 05 2013
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March 2013 Suggestions!

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Hey Home Community,


March is here, and green clothes and other spring-related wishes are on the horizon. What will March bring?


Let me get down to business—


Helpful hints to post the best suggestions:


1) Your top Virtual Item requests from games or general items. A Virtual Item is pretty much anything in Home you can own (clothing, figurines, furniture, etc.) but cannot live in (like Personal Spaces).


2) Visual aids AKA screenshots! If you can find a screenshot of what you  want, please include these! That old saying, "A picture is worth 1000  words," could not be truer. You all do a great job. Keep throwing suggestions and pics our way!

 Thanks in advance for collecting images, reference art, etc. to best illustrate just what you're talking about.


P.S.: If you are new to these forums (or just new to this process), check last month's suggestion thread to see how your fellow community members submit their requests.


P.P.S.: Continuing the effort to keep this thread tidy, please refrain from making commentary about other suggestions in this thread. Simply copy/paste and begin another thread to start a conversation about a particular item, suggestion, concept or idea.

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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 5, 2013

-Bumper Cars Space



-Game related costumes






-Gym Emotes

  • push ups
  • jumping jacks
  • sit-ups
  • etc.


-Flying Pegasus and a Flaming Horse






FEB Robin.jpg













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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 5, 2013

How about a new portable camera or active item that has the ability to blur out the background with a few added effects for touch. So you can get nice, cinematic, & artistic shots without having to do much through post production in a photo editing program. Home needs depth of field & more bokeh! lol














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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

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Mar 5, 2013

Please bring Peakvox Monster to Home NA.



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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

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Mar 5, 2013

A Bed With Blankets In Which You Can Sleep In


Different Hairstyles For Men & Women


An Olympic Stadium Personal Space


A reward for those who have been home since the beginning and still using it.


Might add more to the list....

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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

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Mar 5, 2013

Please can we get more Real Game Related Content in Home. Home shouldn't simply be about 3rd party developers.


The Last of Us is coming in May. It would be wonderful if we got a lounge, costumes and more just like we did for Uncharted 3.


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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 5, 2013

We want Home on PlayStation 4




On PlayStation 3


I would like a portable camera that has first person view while walking and the ability to hide on screen display screen buttons.

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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 5, 2013

The ability to caress/grope avatars. Make it happen.

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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 5, 2013

We've had two different Isaac Clarke costumes in Home, so how about we get some Necromorphs! If possible, give them custom animations/emotes.


Dead Space Necromorph Slasher Costume (for males)


Slasher 1.jpg


Slasher 2.jpg

Dead Space Necromorph Spitter Costume (for females)


Spitter 1.jpg


Spitter 2.jpg

Dead Space Puker Costume (for both genders)


Puker 1.jpg


Puker 2.jpg


Puker 3.jpg

Dead Space Necromorph Stalker Costume (for both genders)


Stalker 1.jpg


Stalker 4.jpg


Stalker 2.jpg


Stalker 3.jpg


But above all else, I want to see a Plasma Cutter locomotion! Now that Home's capable of such a thing and Dead Space 3 is out, I've gotta prepare my Home avy for the horrors that await! :smileyhappy:


Plasma Cutter 1.jpg


Plasma Cutter 2.jpg


Plasma Cutter in Hand 1.jpg


Plasma Cutter in Hand 2.jpg


Plus, it would make me VERY happy if it came with a shooting emote and a way to toggle it between vertical and horizontal mode. Hoooly crap that would be awesome.

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Re: March 2013 Suggestions!

Mar 5, 2013

We have earned quite a few trophies in Home these past few years. Unfortunately the shelves we have cannot accommodate all of them due to their sizes and the sizes of the trophies themselves.


I recommend having a complimentary Home Trophy Room given to every Home user, in addition to the Harbor Studio Apartment. This room would have shelves up and down the walls to hold 100 trophies no matter what their sizes are. Many of us will have the same trophies, but some will have rare ones that can no longer be attained due to spaces having been removed or events that are no longer active.


I think some of us would like to show off those rare trophies along with the rest. It would be nice if we had that Home Trophy Room with shelves designed for all of them. Have baked in furniture for sitting around in while we chat about how we earned the trophies.


I hope having a Home Trophy Room for trophies won in Home makes some kind of sense.

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