Nov 05 2013
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MY Dolphins Please Help

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i  made  a post  about  my  dolphins  about  a week one  responded  to me.  i  cant  get my  dolphins  to  race.    if  i release  them   do  i  start over  as  if  they was  babies  or   are  they  gone  forever.   i  cant  getmy  dolphins  torace  and  i  dont knw  why. i  do   the ring  game  it  dont help.  can  someone  help me

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Re: MY Dolphins Please Help

Nov 5, 2013

Yes if you release them they are gone forever and you would have to start with a new baby and raise it before it could race. I have no idea why your dolphins aren't racing. 

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Re: MY Dolphins Please Help

Nov 5, 2013



     You can always try searching on these forums by using the search engine.


Keywords to use

  • Dolphy
  • Hudson
  • Races
  • Dolphy Guide

Pick below


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Re: MY Dolphins Please Help

Nov 5, 2013

If you release them, they are gone. What it seems you might be doing is neglecting them, they will not race, or race well if they get mad. Feed them, then put them through the ring game until they are happy. You can do just that for several days, and hopefully they will be ready to race. You have to visit them every day and feed them and run them through the rings at least. When you get good fish to feed your dolphy, agility is the most important, followed by speed, though it is good to have some stanima also.Getting through the rings with agility is the best though, because I have seen low speed dolphy win, because they had good agility. As you may have noticed, the game is a little broken, the test run does not work, so once you get your dolphy happy in the main ring game you have to be happy with that. Occasionally, the game suffers a big glitch, and you may lose your dolphy. It happened to me 2 times so far. I had a dolphy that lost his first 5 races, but never lost after that, until the glitch. Also, there is no special time to race. I used to race different times, and it used to be if you had a" scrub"( a dolphy that had problems) you would race it in the middle of the night, because it was better to get a chance at winning. Not so anymore. People race all times of the day/ night. Don't give up, in time, even a " cursed"( horribly bad statistic,like "3/10/17") can have it's stats changed enough to win. I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but they say having certain hats, colors, effects makes them run faster, and having your status as" happy" and dancing for your dolphy is said to help, as well as cheering for it, but it just might be " tradition". Try different things, and see what works, don't start over unless you have to. Good LuckSmiley Happy

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Re: MY Dolphins Please Help

Nov 5, 2013

Your dolphies won't race when they are mad at you.  Is there black smoke coming from their mouths?  You need to train them daily and keep trying to enter them, and within about 3 days, they'll race again.  Smiley Indifferent

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Re: MY Dolphins Please Help

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Nov 5, 2013

Interesting, in that I wonder if you have, as Dean suggests, a Smokin' Mad black smoke Dolphie; or

you have a spooky ghostie glitched Dolphie Room .....


Do the Ring Game every day, for at least 3 days in a row. Do it until you get Musical Notes, and a "Likes", or "Really Likes" comment.

If you can score 80 or over, your Dolphie will get a "really happy" comment, and it takes about 1 day less to get them back up to completely happy, than do Ring Game scores of 79 or less, which earns you a "happy" comment at the conclusion of the Ring Game.

Ring Gaming them is twice as fast a way back to Happy, then just racing them.


Now a Smoking Mad Dolphie is one thing. It just refuses to race. Anytime your Dolphie does not have Musical Notes, it is mad at you.

A mad Dolphie doesn't race as well, although I have seen mad Dolphies win. Mad Dolphie odds are probably 1 in 50.


For kicks, here's all the comments I've seen Dolphies give when picking a Strategy upon entering your Dolphie into the race que..

Top to bottom : Smoking Mad petulant go away Owner; to Really Happy Musical Notes Love is in the Air.

  • " Your dolphy seems to have ignored your strategy "
  • " was confused by your choice in strategy "
  • " Your dolphy doesn't quite get your choice in strategy "
  • " Your dolphy is okay with your choice in strategy "
  • " likes "
  • " really likes "

A Ring Game score of 80 or higher Dolphie races slightly better than one with scores less than 80. I can see the difference.

If I score higher than 92, I re-ring 'em lower. Sounds crazy, and probably is. Some of the worst Dolphies I have seen, had Owner reported scores of 96 - 100. lol

I had to laugh, when prerace, two Owners talked about their ring scores. One had gotten a 100, the other got a 46.

Guess which one won that race. . . yep .. the 46 ring game score.


Dolphie Racing is a mystical, magical, arcane sport. I still advocate balanced Stats, for the best chance to win.

I have cheered and danced,

promised the girls Milk and Cookies, bribed the Frankster with  Beer.

I have voted, then turned my back on 'em and winked at the Dolphie next to mine. or just walked away,.

I have noticed no difference. Well, except for Frankie. Mention Beer or Blondes, and he does seem to swim faster.


SnowHood : I really hope you get your Dolphies to race. Please come back, and let us know if you are successful, and if you discover what the problem was. That will help us to help others.







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