Jun 23 2012
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MIB 3 outfits

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I dont know if someone created a thread about this before but... have you noticed how UGLY the reward (outfit) that we got at the MIB 3 space is .... COMPARED to the one our avatar had on while in the space ?

This is ridiculous, it should look exactly like that.

This shows how cheap Sony is sometimes... err... wtv its really ugh...

note : its not that bad for the male av, but for the female, just wow.

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Re: MIB 3 outfits

Jun 23, 2012

You got the free suit at the hub and it wasn't made by Loot.

You can buy the Loot one at the MIB3 space. It's $3.

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Re: MIB 3 outfits

Jun 23, 2012

The one we got to wear at the MIB Space is well done, sexy, well done

Yes, the one we got from the Hub Booth is a poor substitution. I'll go try the $3.00 outfit again. OR /  I'll go buy the Neptune Suite and be happy.

The female MIB Suit is sexy smexy; something abt how I walk in it. Funny, all the "Zoom" buttons are now saying "VaVoom"

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