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Re: MAY: Virtual Item Suggestions

May 31, 2010

I would love to see clothing from either Iron Man Or Transformers ( especially with War for Cybertron coming next month).


or maybe small replica models of Iron man or the Transformers.


Also would love to see Kingdom Hearts Clothes and different Keyblade. XDMan Happy

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Re: MAY: Virtual Item Suggestions

May 31, 2010

bring on the sackboy costumes please,i wanna a sakgirl costume bad!!!!! it be so cute and show the LBP community our support ppl !!!!! please?please?please? with sugar on top and brownies and cherries?i will do your dishes for a week?Smiley Happy

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Re: MAY: Virtual Item Suggestions

Jun 1, 2010


nicsey wrote:

What about animals? I think maybe the implemation of animals in the yachts, underwater areas etc...would be VERY cool. I think that if you buy a yacht you should get a dog or dolphin or about if you buy a Tropical Beach house you should get a dog that you can play ball with or something! If you buy the underwater (thing..can't remember what its called) you should get a shark in a huge aquarium that you could feed! just some ideas!!

I agree, this would be very cool, and in fact has already been done in the JP Home. If you buy the Toro apt there, it comes with the Sony mascot, Toro. He's a cat who walks around outside your window, and will respond to different types of gestures. The only thing we have now that is remotely similar is that mechanical "squid" you get if you buy the Neptune Place. I think it would be very cool if we could buy a virtual pet and put it into any personal space we wish. 


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Re: MAY: Virtual Item Suggestions

Jun 1, 2010



Pic of how we would look dancing in sync.

Ok Home developers. I got some ideas that you should implement into the Playstation Home Community that will

really add some life into HOME. Synchronized dancing where everyone is doing the same exact dance in a line

like line dancing. You should areas where you can do this type of dancing. and to real music on the radio. A live radio stream.

The dance moves should be the latest moves and up to date. Something ppl would do now. Not the Robot OMG!!!!

Thats my mom's dance and she's over sixty now LOL! She now drops it like its hot. We should be able to as well.

 Now in our clubs you should be able to advertise that you have a open party going on so ppl can teleport to it. You shouldn't have to keep leaving to invite ppl to it. So in your inventory it should have parties going on now or something and you click it. Bam you are teleported to a party. Again live streaming music from your flat screan tv in your club.

Moveable long luxurious hair. Painted toenails. Mickey and Minnie Mouse hats and hoodies.

Disney collectible pins. A balloon. A Disney World section. Monorail and wayyyyy better makeup. That icecream

animates you licking it. So a lickable icecream too. And Geisha tights like in the photo. You should have a cars

that you can really drive in home. I mean get in and out. See your self in it driving like in a real car. Not what we have now.

I want to see a real plane and boat that moves and I want us to be able to fly through the air. Actually not simulated. A Disney

Hotel apartment space you can have for your own personal apartment. You can have those people who volunteered

to be Home helpers (I forgot the name of them) they can volunteer to be cast members some days during Disney parades.

Oh and I would like a Disney Princess dress. Oh yeahhh! It can't look cheesy though!

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Re: MAY: Virtual Item Suggestions

Jun 1, 2010

Here's my monthly request since February-March-April-May-June.

First of all Greeting's to the Home Team Managers
And all Home Virtual Community Developers!

Scroll Down!! Please bare with me!!!

I have a couple of Styles and Ideas for the Developers.
How about Gothic Virtual Clothing and Items!! For the Non- Mainstream People?? We have lots!! of Gothic Culture People Including Myself using Playstation Home and also those Fans of Gothic clothing!

How about we see more Alternative, Victorian,
Punk, Pvc, Leather, Silk, Velvets and Darker styles! Below I have posted
Pictures for Design ideas.

*I Would really LOVE to see a Replica of all these Items*

In U.S. Playstation Home Store/ Mall. I BEG!!! PLEASE! To include these in the Mal!

^_^  These Items Will Sell Alot!!!! These are my personal Favorite Corsets!!I own quite a few myself.  To see Gothic Pvc, Vinyl OR Leather Material CORSETS In BLACK Just Identical like these photos with Buckles, Chains, Criss Cross Ribbons and Studs!!!




These Outfit Includes :

  • -  the Boots -  the Choker -  the Corset -  the Dress
  • -  the Gloves -  the Goggles -  the Hat [no feathers -  the Shirt -  the Vest


More Corsets with Styles & Different Designs!!!!!  :smileyhappy::smileyhappy::smileyhappy::smileyhappy::smileyhappy::smileyhappy::smileyhappy:


And These Beautiful Victorian Styles Corsets In Different Colors




More Flame Style Corsets Designs on Black!!!!



Here are many of my favorite Gothic Style Pvc, Vinyl, Leather Material
Dresses. They should be implemented in PS Home.
These are a MUST BUY!!


Here I have More Beautiful Outfits for the Ladies.

Including the other Items I posted in this suggestion thread.

Very Beautiful, Stylize with textures, Different colors and Designs!!!

In Real Life I have really extremely long hair like this. PLEASE!!!!

Home Managers & to The bestest of Developers I ask all of you to try to duplicate these styles! I wish to see them in the mall. PS HOME MALL!!! ^_^ PLEASE!!!!  Thank You!!

 These Outfit Includes :

  • -  the Long Hair -  the Armbands -  the Boots -   the Boot Cuffs
  • -  the Bracelets -  the Dress -  the Earrings -  the Stockings

Here are more Beautiful Styles for Females.



Corsets, Short Skirts with Belts, Arm Bands, Necklace, Long Hairstyles, Fabulous!!

We should see outfits exactly like these.

Please bring us more clothes like these to PS Home Mall!!

I work with sales for many years!

*And I know most definitely these Females Styles will Sell*$$$ 

__________________________________________________ ___

Pvc Dragon Kimono Dress, Black & Red with knee low cut Pvc shorts, Pvc heels, Updo hair with chopsticks And Samurai Sword!!! 

"How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours."
"Don't play with fire, if you know you're going to get burnt!"

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