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Re: Love in Home? It Can Happen

Mar 29, 2010

I like the idea of meeting that person online, but not in a place like home. ive had realashinships in home, and it has felt empty, like nothing will ever happen more, than just hanging out and "pretend" hugging and kissing. I prefer to go to a social networking site like Myyearbook and using thier apps like blind date and matchmaking to find local girls around my area. nothin against everyone who has found that person in home, but just make sure that person lives close enough so the relashonship can actually work. and some person may be playing around and to have fun and the other could think its more serious than the other person thinks. that could lead to other things if you really dont know the other person like there age. my advice, if you find love in home, make sure you have back-up proof that they are who they are. ask them if they have a facebook or something. just be careful!

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Re: Love in Home? It Can Happen

Mar 30, 2010

now this is someone i could relate to.  i too found the love of my life on home. no i wasnt desperate, a friend introduced us.  at the time i was only meant to console her on her life troubles (break up problems). and so i did, i checked on her every often.  then came the late night chats, then came a point where she was used to talking to me every night.  what can i say, she grew on me and vice versa.  then her birthday, a day i will never forget.  she said she wanted me as a gift. who was i to turn her down, right?  so after some serious thinking, i asked her "out" she was really happy and said "i love you" off the bat.  so time went by and everything was perfect. we sent fragments of our hearts to each other.  remember, we stared out as friends, i had  no idea we were gonna end up "dating". but thanks for this thread, finally someone who i can relate to.

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Re: Love in Home? It Can Happen

Mar 31, 2010

Hey Rianor, oldcats here again. When I said trust me it can happen. Well It can  . I posted a lil about my own story back in 

February. I really hope you and your love find your lasting happiness as well.
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Re: Love in Home? It Can Happen

Apr 1, 2010

Love is Grand, Divorce is 20 Grand

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