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Re: Looking towards the New Year

Dec 28, 2012

-Overhaul of items, reorganizing them and adding more layering options. Example:

'Contacts' items like Neon eyes and Granzella eyes being under a new slot in the avatar builder.

'Leggings' in a new slot of their own.

Hair and Head items both equippable(or non equipped) for endless possibilites and maybe then people wouldn't try to hair merge anymore.

Accessory items also being equippable with any Head item.

Seperate slots for companions and LMOs.


-An update to radioIO for playlists. (It can keep the cheesy commercials that I hate but know why they are there..But it's the worst waiting for the commercial to end before a song you don't even like starts playing..) Maybe even look into getting Last FM app on Home.

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