Jul 15 2013
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Looking for the name of a personal space.

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I visited a personal space of a friend and her husband. I really liked the way that it looks and also the way the space was utilized. It has a nice ambience and in my opinion, it's the nicest one I've visited.


The problem is, that after searching every store menu that I could think of, and even some that had no changce of containing it, I have not been able to figure out how to find it, or where to purchase this personal space. The couple has not been around lately for me to ask them, or I would simply do that. I will do my best to describe it and hopefully someone will know which one I'm talking about and point me in the right direction.:


-It was nighttime both times that I visited. I do not know if the time of day can be changed on this space or not.

-There is an indoor and outdoor aspect to the space.

-It is quite a large space total, but not the largest I've seen. Close though.

-The outdoor area is wooden decking, quite spacious.

-There is a pool and a hot tub outside, built into the decking.

-There is also a circular area built around a tree. When near the tree, frogs and cricket sounds can be heard much more clearly/loudly. These sounds are present elsewhere too, but much more prominent near the tree area, almost deafingly so.

-It looks as if the whole space was built above a pond or a swamp area.

-The house itself has a curved design to it, both inside and out. Aside from the outer walls, there are few straight lines.

-There are two curved staircases leading up from the main entry room, one on each side of the room. There is a diamond-shaped mosiac on the floor between and just past the staircases.

-There is a built-in kitchen area that brings up an info/interaction icon that say something to that effect. There is an exhaust hood that can be heard while inside the kitchen.

-There is an odd alcove past the kitchen. Heading away from this alcove leads to the front door.

-Most of the rooms have large windows that allow a good view of the outdoors.

-There is a long room from the kitchen leading alongside and almost to the end of the tree area described above. This room has built-in seating and a fireplace in the center of it.

-Off to the side of the main area, opposite the side of the kitchen, is a room with a natural stone wall. It looks like what used to be referred to as a den.

-The second floor is a bit smaller than the main floor, but mostly due to it not having the space of the outdoor area.

-There is a built-in shelving unit.

-There is a room above the den descibed above.

-There is a small balcony area.

-The curved windows can be climbed upon from both the first and second floor.

-The interior areas are mostly white in color (or a shade thereof).

-The outdoor areas are mostly dark wooden planks.


I know that this is probably overkill on the description, but I did find, doing Google/YouTube searches, one that fits some of the desciptions above, but is not the one that I visited. Hopefully, my overkill will help figure this mystery space out.


So what is the name of this space and where can one purchase it?

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Re: Looking for the name of a personal space.

Jul 15, 2013

Dream Hideaway Apartment available in the Lockwood Gift Machine. 

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Re: Looking for the name of a personal space.

Jul 15, 2013

i think this space is called the dream hide away from Lockwood.

its not for sale in the shop, u can find it in the giftmachine, so u need a friend to send it to you.


it cost 786 tokens thou but it has 10 plus owner rewards


hope this answers ure question

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Re: Looking for the name of a personal space.

Jul 15, 2013

No wonder I couldn't find it. I wasn't looking in the gift machine, I was looking at the store. Thank you both, the name sounds correct. I think you've both nailed it. Smiley Happy

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Re: Looking for the name of a personal space.

Jul 15, 2013
Oo nice job Ledis, the tree had me thinking Chamber Apartment (hence not being able to find it in stores), but the rest had me confused. Sounds like your guess is right though!
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