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Re: Locust_Star: The Magnus_Keynes Pool video is VERY misleading

Feb 12, 2011

I remember being asked around 6 yrs old when I started playing music for people what was gonna be my gimmick.(no idea what that meant)...Well,it s a way to sell yourself. To appear more intresting than most likely you really are in some cases.

Also to lure in new people who would not have ever listened to you in the first place. This is just the american commercialiam.Over hyping a product.We see over hyped products being thrown at us all daily.Tho,most of us are calloused to such antics today and can tell when a product can really do what it says or the commercial adds a spin on the product.Its no different here.

Usually,the more hype or spin put on a product always should make a consumer question that product even more so than the back of the shelf item.Sometimes what appears as a company deceiving really just creativity.

We also must realize,L_S job is somewhat of like being in the entertainment business.

Even if your an hcv,your pretty much a community involved/entertainment industry volunteer.

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Re: Locust_Star: The Magnus_Keynes Pool video is VERY misleading

Feb 12, 2011

Lol, I just hope things don't get to the point where they have to put some sort of consumer advisory message on each and every video they have, to cover every single possible misunderstanding and such. Something like at the very end of each video have scrolling words for 5 minutes straight just to cover their bases!

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Re: Locust_Star: The Magnus_Keynes Pool video is VERY misleading

Feb 12, 2011

Locust_Star wrote:

Sorry - I simply am not in a position where I could even begin to explain the decisions that LucasArts made when they developed their marketing materials. While we do produce our own content (such as the Mansion, Winter Wonderland, etc.), Home is ultimately a platform, and each publisher is responsible for the content they create (and their marketing). Look at it just like the PS3: Sony makes the console and some games (like Uncharted, God of War, etc.) but the majority of what you'll find on shelves are games made by other companies.

Did you buy the items? Did you use the 3D preview feature that shows how they appear on your avatar before purchasing them?

the_original_se wrote:

Locust_Star wrote:

To be clear, the video does not employ a glitch. Simply put, there is functionality that is associated with being in a developer environment (where the video footage is captured) that is not available in the regular, live environment - including the ability to create NPCs (non-playable characters) and place them at will throughout the scene. In this case, it was something done for comic effect - nothing more, nothing less.

The intention was never to mislead. In fact, the whole purpose of the HCV-guided tours is to give you guys an opportunity to "try before you buy." I sincerely hope you guys can believe me when I say that nobody on the Home team wishes to trick our community members, not even the people on the financial side that one might imagine would experience a short term gain from false advertising. The business people want purchasing customers to continue to buy things - that's the only way a company can stay in business (especially given all the competition for your attention and hard-earned money). And the only way to ensure customer retention is to keep your customers happy and feeling good about supporting your product. This is why their team asked me to post the original message on these forums that provided clarity on the functionality of the different "spaces" that will ultimately make up the Mansion experience. We knew there was potential for confusion and made our best effort to keep you guys in the know. We're truly sorry that this message didn't make it far enough, but in the future the safest bet is to not assume that fundamental changes to the platform (such as the way navigation works between spaces) will change overnight and/or without an announcement from myself or GW. 

That all being said, we have to believe you if you tell us that our marketing was off. Consider it noted, and we promise to be more careful in the future. For now, we really hope that you all enjoy the Mansion Infinity Pool. And, of course, if you do not, then please let us know.

while were on the subject of adressing marketing stuff, care to explain the issue with the Force Unleashed 2 Dual Lightsabers that i brought to you a while ago?

you know, them being shown in a picture on the blog behing held backwards like in the game, but the actual item in Home is held forwards like the rest of the lightsabers.

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so despite their being blatant false advertising, nothing was done to resolve it?

just blame it on LucasArts and leave it as that? good to know how any future issues will be handled.

and if any 3rd party PS3 game had false advertisement in any way, Sony would resolve it immediately. despite said game being 3rd party, its ultimately up to Sony to make sure everything about it is ready to meet 100% fan satisfaction. if 1,000,000,000 copies of, lets say Mass Effect 2, were shipped out with "free DLC voucher inside" on the box despite there being no DLC voucher in the box, Sony would not let them be sold to the public. hell, they wouldnt even let Electronic Arts advertise the fact that there was free DLC until they knew for sure the DLC would be included.

i understand your just a HCM, and it may not be your job to address these issues, but im sure its someone job, and they need to be kicked in the butt.

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Re: Locust_Star: The Magnus_Keynes Pool video is VERY misleading

Feb 14, 2011

HearItWow wrote:

I suggest listening to HomeCast every Saturday, where I debunk the myths of new items and talk about what they really do.

For example, ladies who own the Fool Throttle outfits are 99% cooler than everyone else. This is a proven fact, as stated by me.

Seriously, tho, check out the Home media that's floating around if you ever have questions about stuff. The Home team's videos are designed to promote, while the user-made stuff looks at things more objectively. If you're buying based on a Mall preview and a video, there's a much higher chance of disappointment than if you're buying after hearing from someone who's used the item.

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There are supposed to be rules against false advertising so people don't have to go through all that though.  Seriously one of these days someone's going to have enough of this crap and file a law suit against Sony to get the money back that they've wasted on Home.

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