Aug 07 2014
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Little Big Derby

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If this is going to be a challenge on a regular basis, we NEED more servers. 1 server for all the people trying to do challenges is pretty time consuming. It is near impossible to get this challenge done without hr+ wait time.
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Re: Little Big Derby

Aug 7, 2014

I will always skip that challenge, takes forever to load there and then you have to hope you get a chance to play. They need a Que there. At least the challenges are for a long time so missing one challenge wont hurt.

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Re: Little Big Derby

Aug 7, 2014

The space has so much going on that it does cause some additional lag when loading. The number of people popping in doesn't help. Once the space is reaching capacity (60 people I believe) a new instance of that space is generated.


I know this doesn't answer your request, but I hope it helps you to understand. It's up to Media Molocule to make any change. Such a change may mean a overhaul (which can be done even if the space is not shut down).


I suggest contacting them directly and using PlayStation®Home Support so that Joystick_Warrior is made aware of the issue and contacts MM officially.


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Re: Little Big Derby

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Aug 22, 2014

Many times it comes down to the time you go to do challenges. It pays to take mental notes of the time in your area when Home will be the busiest or the least busiest.


I tend to do most of my roaming on Home after midnight. Things tend to be a little less busy then.Woman Happy

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