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Jan 22, 2013
Dont poke fun. some ppl report for dumb reasons. in the end.... i believe that only serious matters will be dealt with. if you did not do nothing wrong... then you are okey.
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Jan 25, 2013

BUCKi3_BUCK wrote:

Just letting Sony know that I just got reported for no reason at Peakvox Ninja. I was in a game with my wife, it was just me and her in the game then a random person joined in. I happen to be good at the game so I win alot. So when round was over guy plain out calls me a hacker and says that i'm cheating and boosting all because I won and was winning before he joined.

Your wife was running to the center of the map, then not moving so you could get easy headshots, gold, and XP. When I joined, all I did was play the game as it's meant to be played by attacking anyone on the other team.


FYI, boosting is a form of cheating. The word hacker was never uttered.


BUCKi3_BUCK wrote:

So he then not only started to harass me and my wife but he said and did report us both, he said we were breaking the rules of conduct.

I did not harass either of you. The log will reflect this. It was actually your wife who began calling me names, which I pointed out was against the Terms of Service. I did not file a report against either of you.

BUCKi3_BUCK wrote:

Anyways I don't even know how to hack nor would I want to, just informing you sony, that ppl are falsly reporting good players for no reason

That's funny. I just joined a game in progress which you happened to be in. Your wife was on the opposing team, and she immediately quit. Once the game was over, you said, "thanks now i can report you again."

You aren't supposed to report people just for joining a game you're in, especially in a public space where everyone is allowed to participate.









Gamers are the worst f*cking people. ~ Phil Fish

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Sep 11, 2014

Anyone else having issues reporting people? It says the website is down or moved....


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