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Re: LKWD Venue Update!!

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Jun 26, 2013

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

homeboy79 wrote:

Yeah, I was hoping there was an update that will allow you to watch LOOT tvs. Anyone else having trouble watching on one?

You should tweet Lockwood given it's probably on their end.

They are aware of this issue and have been before the space was released in NA. 


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Re: LKWD Venue Update!!

Jun 26, 2013

Oh ok! Smiley Happy

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Re: LKWD Venue Update!!

Jun 26, 2013

Great to see them updating it Smiley Happy


What I'd like to see is an option to cycle through the music tracks instead of being stuck on "repeat one" all the time. It takes long enough just to change the music - a separate music panel would be nice, or make the first item that comes up in the customization panel be music.

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Re: LKWD Venue Update!!

Jun 26, 2013

PrometheusUFO wrote:

They've added two commerce points, one in the lobby area and the other near the gift machine. :/

Just what I wanted. More commerce points. Cause you know, I don't know how to press start and open the store part of my navigator. It was like some magical miracle that I managed to buy the Venue space in the first place.


Please add more annoying floating glowing icons to help us noobs, Lockwood!

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