Sep 11 2013
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Konami Penthouse issues

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I have been going to Konami's space for two months now and I must say that it is one of my favorite hang out spots on PS Home. It's much more fun than Singstar, Luminosity, x7 and any other spot that has a dance floor. Mostly due to the fact that it has Dance Dance Revolution as a minigame. There are three area of concern that I would like to address:

1) songs - there needs to be more DDR songs on there to keep it  going instead of just the same 4-5 tracks. Still good songs but it just needs more. Maybe classics like Dynamite Rave, Afronova, Paranoia, and Brilliant 2U can be added to the tracklist.

2) rewards - After you get the Pyramid Head sword at 98,600 points there are no other rewards. There's people that have been going to konami for awhile with over 100,000 and more points because it is fun to play DDR and to be there. Still, there should be more rewards after larger milestones like 500,000 and 1 million points. Maybe an Alucard and Maria Costume, a Belmont whip, or some guns from Contra. Maybe a Zone of Enders mech locomotion or suit. Just some things to show fan appreciation for continuously coming to Konami

3) lag / glitches - when playing DDR at certain times ( mostly when a lot of people are on the dance floor at the same time) the game tends to get choppy and people end up performing much more poorly. Also sometimes people would get kicked of when Dance Off starts even when they have already pressed X. If possible these issues need to get fixed.


Hopefully, these prayers will be answered with updates and improvements to the space. Despite the setbacks it is still a fun place to be and have Dance Dance Revolution as a minigame just makes it THAT much better.

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