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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 6, 2013
I would love to see purebred dogs from the real world make it in. We could name it and even have registration papers. Examples - I have 2 dogs one is a mini-sheltie and one is a mini-pi ncer...also a LMO to walk your dog around by leash.

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

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Jun 6, 2013

Conrad_Max wrote:

More TGI (Total Game Intergration) events. Those are usually pretty awesome. The Dead Island, Kill Zone 3 and Uncharted 3 TGIs were very popular.


I thought they were a great way to promote a game and hope that those Developers, and others, can see how fun (and hopefully profitable) TGIs in Home are.

Heya Conrad... I love your Idea's... You always post so many, I was wondering, is there a reason you Post several around the same time yet in different posts? Is it so you can tell what idea's people like and are Kudoing? I only ask this because you could maybe Put your 20 Idea's in one post if they are the same Day... Just noticing that you make many posts in this thread everymonth... Love the Idea, just don't see the point of Posting 20 diff. times.


PS... I love the TGI idea... this kinda thing is what HOME is made for... When we mentioned to them that Advertizement could save the Gamers the Cost of the program back in 07... TGI is what we were talking about... yes micro transactions are a small support too, yet the Micro transactions were supposed to be a way to help game devs cover cost for TGI and Advertizement in HOME, yet the TGI and Adds were how HOME was supposed to make its real money, that way everyone was happy... Gamers got a no to low cost Social Gaming outlet, Dev of 3rd partys had a way to advertize and sell fan ware(digital of course), and Sony still made thier profits... Yet Instead we pay the way and the Devs pay the way... in very large amounts that are not Micro in the least...

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

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Jun 6, 2013

i know most of this thread never gets made so here goes

1 Multiple hand categories: Left, Right, Gloves, Hand-held, back items


2 Naval piercings that can be worn with bikini tops and crop tops (NOT CONNECTED TO A TORSO) put them in jewellry under both


3 barefeet with painted toe nails

3.5 barefeet with fuzzy colorfull legwarmers


4 Hair storage

4.5 Just more storage


5 an "In wardrobe search" feature for those who have over 400 items


6 Hair color palette purchaseable for regular users


7 a blacklight bar or rave club for all of this Rave clothing we keep getting //_^\


8 i know its been talked about, possible space item limit raised 

8.5 active items slots decreased


9 feature to play our music within home/Lmo's that play music


Finally 10 game related content such as: The Last of us, GTAV, Saint Row IV, Etc


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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 6, 2013

i would love to see animated animal tails. kinda like the locomotions where the avi has the tail, press the square button and you move or run faster and the tail reacts to the increased speed. i have the squirrel tail but there are several hand items i'd like to use but can't because the tail takes up the hand slot.   


from your friendly neighborhood squirrel ^^


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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 6, 2013

So we have a dog park. How about some different dog breeds?



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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

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Jun 6, 2013

Home controls request.

Activate/deactivate Home items by typing it.

I'd like to ask again for a feature where you can type for instance, the first two letters of a Locomotion for it to activate, and type it again to deactivate it. Just like how you can type /L, /C, and /G, to switch between the different channels on the Chatlog, and the search tap and shortcuts on a computer.


I really think it would be a very welcome feature as you can change dances, emotes, wings, heels, vehicles, and other things, in real time, in a realistic way, and above all, without having to go through that annoying Inventory that, the longer it gets, the longer it takes to load.


Frankly, I think that sooner or later a way has to be found to skip the whole loading process that comes looking, when you want something in the Inventory, or the wardrobe.


I mean, when you want a certain file on your computer, you don't go looking for it on that file list that consists of thousands of files. You type the file's name in the search tap, or simply select it's shortcut, and thus skipping the list entirely.


By being able to activate an item by typing for instance, the initials, you can skip the entire Inventory, and/or wardrobe. 


If the Inventory is this long already within a year, imagine how long it will be with another 4 years.

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 6, 2013

Lift the club limits from 5 to 8 or 10 even.

Better organization of inventory, have sections for specific types of LMO's and have a storage for each section.

More skin colors and maybe even textures. i.e. scaly skin

Portable wall hangings, like a gallery stand or easel type of item so we can place pictures where we want them and in clubs.

More furniture items, less LMO's

Personal spaces with a dimmer switch on the lights.

Improve the ignore feature to make the user you ignored invisible and yourself invisible to them.

Assassin's Creed Content Smiley Happy

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 7, 2013

more LMO  dances. ONE STEP BEYOND!!

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

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Jun 28, 2013

I think it would be awesome if there where Journey Character costumes available in maybe the Costumes store.


And have maybe the white cloak, and red cloak available.

Red Cloak

White Cloak

And not to mention it be nice if it came with costum animation as sitting in a meditative state:


And whistling:




And also It'd be cool if while running the character flies as it does in the actual game.

If this could be made that'd be amazing~

And it be funny to watch them dance with there tiny little legs and armlessness xD


And lastly it'd be really nice to have more emo or scene type hair for boys and girls like this: 

emo hair 1

emo hair 2






and also some with beanies~ 






bean ie


I'm aware that Lockwood has the Attitude Hair but the thing is I can't access anything from lockwood(and I'm aware some others can't either), and it'd be awsome if there was more varieties~ 


Anyway thats all, I would greatly appreciate if these ideas were taken into consideration Smiley Happy

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 7, 2013


This outfit or one similar to it.  

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