Jun 02 2013
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June 2013 Suggestions!

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Hey Home Community,


It's June! Summer is here, it's (hopefully) warm everywhere, and E3 is this month! 


Let me get down to business—


Helpful hints to post the best suggestions:


1) Your top Virtual Item requests from games or general items. A Virtual Item is pretty much anything in Home you can own (clothing, figurines, furniture, etc.) but cannot live in (like Personal Spaces).


2) Visual aids AKA screenshots! If you can find a screenshot of what you  want, please include these! That old saying, "A picture is worth 1000  words," could not be truer. You all do a great job. Keep throwing suggestions and pics our way!

 Thanks in advance for collecting images, reference art, etc. to best illustrate just what you're talking about.


P.S.: If you are new to these forums (or just new to this process), check last month's suggestion thread to see how your fellow community members submit their requests.


P.P.S.: Continuing the effort to keep this thread tidy, please refrain from making commentary about other suggestions in this thread. Simply copy/paste and begin another thread to start a conversation about a particular item, suggestion, concept or idea.

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

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Jun 2, 2013

My monthy plea for more real Game Related content please. Smiley Wink


Lara Croft!


Resident Evil


The Last of Us


More real game related events on Home too please! 


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June 2013 Suggestions.!

Jun 2, 2013

          More E3 type of events.! 

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 2, 2013

A LMO scarf that sways around.  If it hasn't already been made.  

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 2, 2013

Home on the PS4 Please! Smiley Happy



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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 2, 2013

I have the best suggestion ever! Bring back both Central Plaza's as apartments or clubhouses!

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 2, 2013

I know the community already asked for better "items sorting/storage" but here is what came to my mind this morning sorting out my stuff from storage and finding I have so much stuff I love but just can't keep on my "regular" storage.


Different "main" setup. No need for 2nd level storage or "items reference"  wich can't be created for older items. Only 3 or 5 "tabs" in wich we could have a "main wardrobe" as we already know it. 


For a reference you could look at GT5 car setup. 3 basic setup from wich you can work on.

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 2, 2013


These are a collection of my ideas for the past few months. I'll just cut and paste my suggestions. Please excuse the "epicness" of this post as I know it is very long:


Since I can't do Home Space suggestions here are some items I would like to see:


Sports Jerseys, Helmets & Masks of actual teams. NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. Include throwback jerseys of retired & current teams. I especially would like NHL.


Black Metal Corpse Paint and Spiked Gauntlets.


Gothic Officer's Hat with either short or long hair options.


I have long curly hair, so I want long curly hair on here, too. I can't make my character look like me because of this.


Work shirts for the blue collar man with name plate with the ability to input your own name.


Old military outfits from the American Revolutionary & Civil War. I really like the Union uniforms of the Civil War, especially the long coats. Add uniforms for both sides as well as Officer & Infantry.


More facial hair. Examples of facial hair needed: Lemmy Kilmister 'stache & chops combo, Abraham Lincoln 'stacheless beard, Henrik Ibsen huge chops, Billy Gibbons & Dusty Hill long beards, Hulk Hogan 'stache, Rollie Fingers 'stache, Tony Stark goatee. I would also like an alternate to the full beard with the 2 ponytails. I like the jawline on that one, but I would like to remove the ponytails and keep the length. That beard was perfect, but the ponytails. The goofy fake looking pirate beards are crappy. Any other variation of realistic facial as well. Also, make sure the facial hair makes contact with the face! Some of the new ones are floating infront of the face.


Shirts of your favorite bands from classic rock (Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queen, etc.), hair metal (Van Halen, Scorpions, Motley Crue, Cinderella, etc.), metal (Slayer, Pantera, Metallica, Motorhead), extreme metal (Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Marduk, Morbid Angel) to other current music from indie to commercial (You fill in the blank here as I don't listen to that).


WWE intro costumes of our favorite wrestlers, past & present. Examples: "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, The Undertaker, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Edge, John Cena (sucks!), Big Boss Man, Kane, The Mountie, Gangrel, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, etc. Also, I would like to have all of the Championship belts with the option of either having it strapped around the waist, carrying on the shoulder or holding it in your hand at no extra charge.


G. I. Joe costumes. Being able to dress as your favorite, G. I. Joe, Cobra or Dreadnok would be cool, such as Duke, Destro, Cobra Commander, Zartan, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Baronesss, Flint, Gung Ho, Jinx, Monkeywrench, Zandar, Zarana, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Quick Kick, Spirit, Beach Head, etc. Even characters from the toys like the rare Starduster & Steel Brigade as well as some of the Convention Exclusives as Dreadnoks Demolishor & Crusher, Gaucho, Black Major, Red Shadows, Natalie Poole, Oktober Guard, etc.


James Bond villain costumes: Jaws, Oddjob, Baron Semedi, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Alec Trevelyan, Dr. Julius No, Hugo Drax, Emilio Largo, Le Chiffre, etc. Also add Francisco Scaramanga’s Golden Gun.


Costumes from the movie & video game "The Warriors" from all the gangs. Include all individual Warriors and costumes from the Baseball Furies, The Gramercy Riffs, The Rogues, Turnbull ACs, The Orphans, The Lizzies, The Punks, The Boppers, The Hi-Hats, The Hurricanes, Satan's Mothers, The Electric Eliminators, The Saracens, The Jones Street Boys, Van Cortlandt Rangers, The Moonrunners, The Panzers, The Savage Huns, The Destroyers, etc.


Three Stooges Hair: Moe, Larry, Shemp. Maybe with slapstick animation.


Games need to be represented here. I would wish that for every game we buy, we should at least have some clothing from that game for free. Games are pricey, at least give us something to show what our purchases are in PSHome. Another thing, as one progresses through the game, on PSHome, you would unlock a new costume.


The ability to change the hair style under hats.


The ability to switch handedness. I'm left handed and would to like to reflect that with the poses and actions to be reversed as well as switching hands on weapons and other hand items.


Add facial expressions angry, sad, happy, confused, etc. to the dropdown list with poses & dance.


Being able to name saved avatars and have that name replace our PSN name through a "switch name" option. My name doesn't always suit the costume I am wearing and I would like to have a unique name for each costume and have that being shown. If anybody wanted to know our PSN while in disguise, they just look up our profile.


The ability to rearrange your saved avatars, hair & clothing items. I would like to put my most commonly used avatars at the top as apposed to the bottom. Maybe, have the latest used avatar at the top, so you can go back and forth on which you want to use quicker. Also, add more slots. I'm currently at 46 with 2 more left. I didn't think I would run out so quickly.


On top of all that, give us the ability to change the color of our clothing and items.


The ability to have a search option in the navigator store or mall. Say you are looking for a long coat or a trench coat. You type "long coat" on the search browser and all the long coats from all the stores show and you buy the one you want.


Another option would be if you see someone wearing something you like, you could select their name and pick to see what he or she is currently wearing called and then have a link to purchase item from there. This would avoid searching through all the stores to find what you are looking for.


How about the ability to make PlayStation Home two player on the same screen for those of us who share the same PS3 (Thanks to the YLOD I got last year!!!). That way, I can share some of the two player action that's been going on lately on PSHome with my girlfriend at the same time. (Example: Mistletoe kissing that happened during Christmas or the Valentine's Day event).


As far as items go, how about Garbage Pail Kids for costumes or companion, complete with gross animation like farting, throwing up or being extra snotty. Classic GPK's would include Johnny One Note, Ritchie Retch, Leaky Lindsay, Adam Bomb, Bony Tony, Evil Eddie, Wacky Jackie, Rod Wad, Galloping Glen, Max Axe, Large Marge, Dead Ted, Buggy Betty, Stinker Belle, Driftin' Clifton, Mason Mace, etc. There are just so many good ones. If you're too young to know what these guys are, look them up. These were all the rage when I was a kid.


How about a portable closet for your personal home that you can label and store clothing for you avatar that you don't want to carry. A lot of people complain about browsing through their items. I think with a portable closet, you can transfer any clothing you don't want to carry around and leave it in there while you'll just have all the items you use mostly in the wardrobe menu from the Home Navigator. I think this should be at least free, so everyone can start storing unwanted clothing. I think you should be able to label these closets, in case you want to have multiple closets in your personal space. The label you put should be so you can at least remember what you have in there in case you want to get something out and put back in your wardrobe menu from your Home Navigator.


How about assigning companions or locomotions to a particular outfit. When you select an outfit and you want the demon wings on him, it should load automatically, or if you want the raven companion to come out with another outfit, again it should load with that outfit. When you want them gone, just turn them off or remove the assignment.


How about the ability to put in a CD in the PS3 and listen to it while playing around in PS Home. Hell, even access whatever music you have saved in your PS3 to play as well. Some spaces are just boring without music (Core Spaces), or just have terrible music in it (X7 & The Mall), so I would rather listen to my own music.


How about the ability to name our Companions. The Raven is the only one I know that has different names, but all the other ones have the same names or just a description, so let us name our companions, so that we can personalize them to the owners.



Release this little character and his brethren as a companion for people who have Avalon Keep.



How about letting us change the color of ALL facial hair & wigs. I thought we finally had an Abe Lincolnesque beard I've been asking for with the St. Patrick's day bundle, but it turns out you can't change the color of the beard. Please let us change the color of the beards. I was forced to make a Psycho Ginger Dude just so I can use it normally.

Anyway, as you can see I also use a wig you released a couple months ago and was happy that you can change the colors of it. How about letting us change the color of all wigs like the Street Fighter wigs or Castlevania wig. It'll give us the ability to create more unique avatars. Here is a character I made with the Ken wig from Street Fighter. The ability to change it's color would help in making more unique characters


Also, for those prizes that have unique hair and beards with weird head gear, let us have the option of using the hair or beard without the gear. For example, the golf club over the head prize or the spider on the head prize or the seaweed on the head reward or the new leprechaun hat with the thick Lincolnesque beard. These all have unique hair and it should be usable without the extra gear.


How about making the vehicle LMOs faster? They just seem so sluggish when using them compared to their real counterparts.


What I would like to see is maybe games involving your LMOs & Companions. Like a racing game similar to Modnation Racers with power ups with your horse, motorcycle, space fighter, etc. and maybe a battle game like Cutthroat with the tank, space fighter, dragons & wings (which would require any hand held melee weapons already purchased or unlocked from any store or game). As with the companions, maybe a battle game or adventure game involving your companions. Since we already purchased the companions and LMOs, the game would be free and in it's own space for all to join in the fun. I figure the LMOs & companions should be just more than aesthetics, but something we could use to have fun with. If games like these were implemented, they would probably sell more as people will always enjoy games (as long as it's not buggy). Not to mention, it's advertisement for their LMOs & companions. People should be able to watch other people battle and race like a spectator sport.


How about making the camera have the option to be free floating as opposed to be tethered to your character. Sometimes I want to take pictures of my character, but most of him is too low, or when I take a group picture, I want to be able to move the camera to center the characters better

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

Jun 2, 2013

Could we have some long and short socks. But with shoes with different colors and styles.

 Also, the shoes have to be with the socks as a foot item...not the socks with the bottoms please :smileywink:


long socks examples.jpg


Could we please have a function or radio that lets us play our own music. It would be a really great help to clubs that use music for parties, runways, etc. Also can we pretty please have Assassin's Creed content on home and not just a multiplayer beta....



assassins creed 3 connor render.pngEzioRender1.pngRenegade.pngHellequin acb.jpg


Also, some clothing, long hair styles, short hair styles

fashion pic 3.jpgfashion pic 2.jpgfashion pic 11.jpgfashion pic 1.jpgfashion pic 8.jpgfashion pic 9.jpghairsytles.jpgundertaker black bulter4.jpgLucia 1.pngRenderSebastian.png

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Re: June 2013 Suggestions!

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Jun 2, 2013

I second what Ms. Dark suggested. I'd love to see Video Game Related Content from the popular games we love! Especially Resident Evil and Tomb Raider. Smiley Happy




Rock n' Roll LMOs featuring real instruments! Such as Guitar, Bass, Vocals and more!





New and improved Salsa Dances!











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