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Re: Jewel of the skies... Dear LKWD...

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May 29, 2013

chicagotops wrote:
I just paid a visit to my magical space here. It's an awesome space but nowhere near my favorite. Nor do I pay much attention to it.
First time there since I finished the rewards. And tasks from the ever demanding genie.

Lovely space but hardly popular nowadays.
Its well thought out too. But I think this space needs more updates to keep buyers busy and coming back. And more interested just as when it was released.

But I know the word around that LKWD doesn't update much. But here's an idea as to all the work that went into this space already.
Have more rewards available every so often as a wish granted for owning this expensive space. But also generosity on behalf of the LKWD.
The rewards from that space are awesome and as so is the only reason I got the space.
But I think there's stuff missing that I wish u guys could make and expand upon and also give some thought into releasing. Btw. It's already there.

For instance... Granzellla released their own magical rugs just recently. These are awesome but I also enjoy my Arabian rug I received from jewel of the skies. However, Gz also gave us rugs to use as furnishings. These are absolutely fabulous and awesome as decorating items. Previewing the various rugs there are in the jewel space for soaring within game. I Was wondering if you guys might take a cue from GranZella and provide those rugs as regular furnishings as well and up to scale and size of the GranZella rugs or perhaps even bigger.
The rugs there for soaring with the genie are amazing and so are the GranZella rugs.. Lets not let all the detail in those rugs go to waste and release em as separate furniture pieces. Preferably at 99¢ and maybe a tad bigger even. Screw soaring in game with them. The default one is fine. I want to use em up for placing in my spaces. And I'm sure they'll be more popular as stand alone rugs to set in our personal spaces for decorating. As well as giving the jewel of the skies space a bit more personality. Appropriate to space. Perhaps one of these could be rewarded. For a new activity to the genie Game. The horoscope rug seems like a must have. And I want it bad as a real rug. And I really wish that I could use it now that I see GranZella do it.
I would love to see these made into rugs and soon as all the work is there already. and I know they will also make the jewel of skies space much more appropriate if one could have these out in their space.

Also the big lanterns. They glow in blue and just like the palace of the seven winds lamps.. They provide lots of mood as well as some neat designs in their glow. Please release these in a bit smaller scale though. And no way make these actives. Unless they are mood setters like the nautilus lamp from juggernaut. Which changes into a rainbow of colors. But the design is terrible and the one from the jewel space would be much more appropriate to have for such a lantern.

Also the recline pillow in this space. Why isn't this available thru the store...? Sell it! The pose is great and unique and I'm sure it's slot size can be more than fare. Like 2 slots perhaps. There isn't a pose or active close to this recline animation.. Why not sell it...?

And lastly, a miniature palm like the big ones in this space. Not the potted one. But a stand alone palm.
All these can also be rewards. Or even reward us with the floating colored diamonds in this space. Just not floating. But animated. And one slot.
These would all be awesome rewards.

But please give us the rugs as furnishing items and the other items I've mentioned.
Diamonds would be great as rewards and hey... All the work for these items is already there.

Hate to see all the detail in those rugs go to waste.
And juggernaut released a miniature version of their tree from cutteridge estate. So i see why not...
Please make it happen!
All this would drive up sales too. Why not set more potential to these items that already are created and expand on these ideas. For better purposes as well.

Thanks and I hope u really consider these..
I want horoscope rug. Now!
GranZella is setting high standards. Many are falling behind.
All it takes is expanding on what's already there. Not many developers take notice.
Shame really.


Wow, all really awesome ideas!  I hope they take your suggestions.  I would love to have those lamps as furniture items (agree with them being non-active also)!

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Re: Jewel of the skies... Dear LKWD...

May 30, 2013

Hi all,


Firstly, great suggestions chicagotops! I've passed them on to the team. We do have an expansion to the Jewel of the Skies' universe in the pipeline as it happens, which will probably be releasing in a month's time. It is too late to add any more content/ideas to this expansion, however, as it is well out of the production window and into the submissions/QA window now.


What you will be seeing in this expansion is a new public space and clubhouse to complement the Jewel of the Skies personal space, with new rewards of course. Jewel of the Skies owners will have some awesome benefits in these spaces too, and we're also adding an extra community reward to the stash chest, as mentioned a while back.


I hope this is pleasant news, even though there won't be any furniture rugs! Smiley Tongue


Kind regards,


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Re: Jewel of the skies... Dear LKWD...

May 30, 2013

Hey Tim,

Would you mind making a comment in this thread. Thanks.



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Re: Jewel of the skies... Dear LKWD...

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May 30, 2013

Great to see LKWD responded to ChicagoTops Smiley Happy

Gotta side with D-N on Sony not liking feedback nearly as much as their partners. Telling Sony an idea to improve their software often feels like telling Kim Jong Un his hair is stupid! Smiley Very Happy

Jersquall: Any new news on Home on PS4 yet?

Tempest_Fire: Due to a shifting landscape, PlayStation Home will cease publishing new content on November 12, 2014.


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Re: Jewel of the skies... Dear LKWD...

May 30, 2013
Well can u guys at least consider making those rugs available. As well as the lamps...

Do a spinoff off them and give us those as furnishings.
I got most of the rugs from GranZella so as u can see I really really want those rugs.
Give me the horoscope rug is what I really really want.
Take a look back at these products and tell me if they don't have any potential.
I strongly believe they do.
Thx Tim.
- Restless Dreams.
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