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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 10, 2014

Warming up by Barrel 1.jpg

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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 10, 2014

1) Labels on Furniture and Objects are very very very annoying!

    Please lets have a way to turn off ALL labels from furniture and all other objects PLEASE!

    If we want to check somethng out, we can manually turn them on again!


2) Pose LMO's

    This is a technical flaw, and not actually merely a suggestion as mistakenly believed, but here goes:

     AVAN and GST Pose LMO's remove the actual point-of-view of the user far out of range of their own avatar!

     This defect is so obvious that it should have been addressed before their release.

      Person who is using the LMO's for Posing (other sitting, laying, relaxing, and even exercising positions),

     are no longer able to see THEMSELVES in their own view! We are given an exaggerated view far ABOVE

       our own Avatar as to be clearly ridiculous.  This is a technical flaw that should never have been missed.

     Outsiders viewing the use of these Posing LMO's see a normal sitting, laying position, of course, but that

      was not the point of this complaint/suggestion to review Pose LMO's! Point is the actual user of these Poses

      no longer able to see themselves at all, or just barely.


3) Some spaces, such as Artic Yacht appear to be very slow to release their rewards.

    A better understand how that works would be appreciated. I'm still waiting for a few choice items to appear

    after all this time.


4) Suggestion given to people to Delete then Re-install Home proved to be a worthwhile effort for me.

    I do, therefore, recommend that it be made clear that it is SAFE for people to delete Home from their

     PS3 XMBs, especially if installed for over a year, and be assured all material purchased will still be

     there once you re-install Home fresh, again.  I also recommend please rebooting after the delete step,

      before actually installing as I did. This was done to help assure clean RAM, etc.

    Home works much better now that I have done this.


Thank for reading my 2cents worth. :-)


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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 11, 2014

More rainbow clothing

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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 11, 2014
More animal LMOs.
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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 11, 2014

Flared Jeans.pngSweat Pants.png

Flared jeans                         Sweat Pants


Please bring them backSmiley Sad

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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

[ Edited ]
Jan 12, 2014

Personal Space/ Clubhouse with a bowling lane!  Been waiting on some dev to dream up this idea for years!




and a garbage can to get rid of all the stuff i don't want anymore.  thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 11, 2014

I would love to see our avatars to produce flame out of their mouths.


Like this...


Playstation Telephone Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm PST (Closed on Saturdays & Sundays)
Customer Service - 1-800-345-7669
Account and Billing Support - 1-877-971-7669
Sony Rewards - 1-888-715-7669

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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 12, 2014


How about a color option for clothes OR a create your own clothes system. And can we please PLEASE have neon downtown or something like it. Also, could we get more Peakvox clothes

peakvox male.pngpeakvox male pants.pngPeakvox pirate fit.jpg


More raver ideas and shoes with socks:

long socks 8.jpglong socks 1.jpgRAVER18.jpgRAVER22.jpgRAVER3.jpgRAVER7.jpgRAVER9.jpgRAVER10.jpgRAVER5.jpgRAVER21.jpg


More hair styles and japanese street wear ;P


afa hair examples.jpghair examle.jpgjapanese- street style.jpgjapanese-street-fashion.jpgharajuku 11.jpgharajuku 7.png



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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 12, 2014

Piercings (nose,lips,eyebrow,etc)


Dreadlocks with beads/feathers in them

Ram horns (maybe with roses on them)

Two toned eyes ( I know theres already two toned eye but some like Marilyn Manson)

Head jewelry

Ombre hair

Skull printed/Cross printed clothing

Hoodies with the hood up

Full neck tattoos

Ripped stockings

Spiked heels

Bone leggings

Pastel colored clothing/ accessories

Skull makeup

Slouchy beanies/berets (male & female)

Racerback tanktops

Longer rainbow socks

Oversized sweaters

Animal hats

hgcc.jpg000dsjk.jpgsjkshbd.jpgskull makeup 2.jpgindex.jpg







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Re: January 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jan 12, 2014
Multi-party dog-pile Lmo
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