May 21 2013
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JPHome Garden Space Rewards?

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I discovered that there are a few new rewards at the garden place right now!


Having missed out on both the scarves and the hoverboard because of not knowing what to do, I really want these.


There is the really cute black boots, a tulip in hand, a clover in hand, antennas, and 2 lady bug LMO


Does anyone have any clue how to get them? I've asked a few people who were kind enough to give me an idea but, I'm still having no luck at all.


I have a very basic understanding of this game, so please speak slowly haha Cat Tongue


Thanks for any information!


:side note: If it's not too much to ask, could someone also explain how to grow plants in personal spaces? And perhaps tell me why I have 3 flowers in my bag that are greyed out and can't be thrown away or sold? Thanks so so much!

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Re: JPHome Garden Space Rewards?

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May 21, 2013

There's a bunch of info on my thread about the ladybug event at Oshaberi.


Also Tsunade and U2crazy4me are a huge help. So if the guide and stuff on my thread are confusing to you just ask one of them and they can simplify it. Good luck.

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