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Re: [JP] "Another Beach" Pics of Avatar Images and Animations

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Aug 1, 2012

the_original_se wrote:

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

SuperMilfGhost wrote:
"We're preparing for a release in Asia, North America, and Europe. We will make announcements for each on our website and facebook when we have determined their release dates."

GranzellaInc In reply to Jayson619 2 weeks ago

Neat I hadn't seen this reply but I'm not surprised. I suspect the beach is on a fast track for release worldwide. The lounge should be relatively easy to regionalize given there isn't really a lot of Japanese to translate to English unlike a lounge like Neon Downtown. 


i hope when the Neon Downtown comes to NA they dont change all the signs(if they even plan on changing them). i really like all the big Japanese neon signs.

smaller ones they can change to English if they want to, but keep the big ones in Japanese

I agree! As long as the game text is translated that would all they need to do. Hopefully we'll find out soon. That should be the next space headed to North America although personally I think we'll get "Another Beach" first.

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