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Re: It's Been More Than A Couple Weeks (BLOG)

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Feb 1, 2013

HearItWow wrote:

If you look at this practically, it's probably neither here nor there for the intended audience.


We, incidentally, are not the intended audience, because we tend to know more about what's happening in Home than the developers at times. We'll find out what's in an update within minutes of Home going live by looking at the forums and developer sites. The blog doesn't need to reach us.


So who does it need to reach? The more casual Home user who logs on during the weekends. Moving to Wednesday might be a better move for them, if it provides a higher level of accuracy about what's available. That hasn't been the case yet, which is the only meaningful criticism I can level at this point. Things still get announced a week early, things that are released don't always make it to the blog.


It's likely better to have a late release that provides accurate information to those who don't rush into Home in a buying frenzy every Wednesday morning than to have an early release that's inaccurate for everyone.


That said, it would be nice to get some early updates here in the forums through official developer and management sources, rather than the cut and paste from users. A few devs are quite good at that...Hellfire and Digital Leisure immediately come to mind.

I normally agree with many of your posts, but had to read this one a couple of times. The "intended" audience, should be anyone who receives value from the publication. Disenfranchising the forum users, because they are "more in the know" just doesn't cut in my book. I understand marketing and sales strategies, but this should not negate customers who might not fit into the perceived demographic user profile.


Whether the "blog needs to reach us" should be determined by the end user. After all, we obviously received value from it being released early. Many of us who do not go "on a buying frenzy" every Wednesday morning, have used it to carefully evaluate possible future purchases. Because of our involvement in Home and on this forum, we probably greatly influence many of the more casual Home user's purchases. Releasing promotional information after the fact, is akin to holding a fire drill after the fire. Not much use in old information.


Your one point that I do agree with, is the accuracy of information. I would say that a disclaimer and follow up announcements concerning last minute changes; would keep readers informed. If Sony Digital Platform managers are not up to the task of keeping their customers informed before the release of new content; then possibly they should turn the Home Blog over to third party developers. At least, offer consolidation of the multitude of Developer releases on one convenient page. Oh, that would be the Blog.


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Re: It's Been More Than A Couple Weeks (BLOG)

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Feb 1, 2013

I haven't checked the blog once this year. It used to serve as a heads up of if there was something to look forward to in the week and put aside the money for it, or to skip home entirely and spend money on something else.

They got a ton of negative feedback last year (or 2011, whenever) when they decided to move the blog update to Wednesday, and promptly went back to Monday.

Also whenever the blog update was delayed to Wed. without announcement, people got irate, so I'm really not sure why they thought this was a good idea to make a permanent switch to it.

Well, I know they did this to attempt to prevent inaccuracies, but judging from the comments here, the blog has still been inaccurate, so it's basically completely pointless now, other then advertising for people who don't go on home, but read the blog.

However, those kind of people usually respond to Home blog posts with such charming, witty, and insightful comments as "People still use Home?" or "Home is a complete waste of resources", ect.

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