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Re: Is it time for Home to grow up a bit?

Aug 10, 2012
I totally agree with you on that subject. A lot of us don't want to see a possible end to Home. Especially for those who have made many time and financial investments on Home over the course of its existence, myself included. I think Home can be greater than ever before, but the powers that be MUST start listening to us the users on what we want. And start catering to the women 18 and up demographic a lot more. I'm sure there are those on the Managemt team at Sony who owe a debt of thanks to that demographic for their monetary bonuses. Lol.
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Re: Is it time for Home to grow up a bit?

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Aug 24, 2012

jiggyteddy wrote:

julie_love wrote:

musicman1234 wrote:

lol@ facebook gamers..

Laugh if you want, but the most popular games on FB are making a bundle for their creators. FB has to be one of the most successful gaming platforms in existence today.

Very true julie... while some of use are laughing at gaming on FB, those developers are honestly laughing all the way to the bank every time they get their deposit.


I'm not a big fan of casual gaming and where that lies in the bigger echelon of gaming in general... but there is no denying the commercial success.  It is here to stay.

Just like myspace. I just saw a facebook game app go from #1 to #10 in one week. That's not gaming. That is a fad..Flavor of the week..

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