Oct 02 2009
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Inconsistencies in the Store Controls

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When we're in wardrobe we use the L1 and R1 buttons to rotate our avatars but in a store we use the right stick to do the same thing. This is especially an issue when you are adjusting you character attributes which use both sticks and your muscle memory from the store has you trying to rotate your avatar with the stick rather than the L1 and R2 buttons. One or the other needs to change for consistency. Personally, I think it's the wardrobe section that needs a major interface overhaul.


Likewise, we now have yet another zoom control meaning that we use R3, R2 & L2, or R1 & L1 depending whether we're walking around, in a store, or in the Living Room Stage Set, respectively. Of course, we have no zoom ability in wardrobe at all but we need it there, too. For consistency, I think Sony should choose one set of controls, such as: Left stick to move an object/avatar, right stick to rotate a camera, R1 & L1 to rotate an object, and R2 & L2 to zoom the camera.


Also, while I'm pointing out issues in the new store feature, the preview space is too small and the wrong aspect ratio. People (and, hence, our avatars) are taller than they are wide so why is the preview pane wider than it is tall? It would make far more sense to move the "Add to Basket" and "View Basket" buttons to the right hand side of the window and move the Title block to be justified with the left margin of the description. Then you have a nice sized space where you could put the clothing preview.

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Re: Inconsistencies in the Store Controls

Oct 2, 2009
nice job. this is some gteat advice for the home team
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Re: Inconsistencies in the Store Controls

Oct 2, 2009
KUDOS! that's absolutely true. this has to be fixed, hopefully soon... i'm glad we have the feature, but its clonky, inconsistent, and ugly.

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