Oct 08 2012
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Ideas and Wishes for the 2012 Halloween event

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So i read the Oct suggestion thread, And i saw alot of ideas that people had. Halloween being my fav holiday of the year i thought about some ideas. 1st i wanna hit some points... I saw atleast 7 to 9 posts in that thread from users who want the old halloween items rerelased.. Like the female vampire outfit etc, Myself im hoping the old grim reaper outfit rereleases i have seen a couple users make some amazing outfits using its pieces. Couple more ideas... A semi long haunted house, Home tycoon since its barely been released could make a haunted expansion pack adds like eerie house or haunted factories, Could have multiple halloween spaces public and personal. I would liek to see more halloween acssesory items released ex: hands eyes head hat, Possibly have a semi sort of concert or music addition that plays eerie music or dark metal. 

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