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Re: ISE mall hack again ?

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Jul 5, 2013

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CydoniaX wrote:
Let me clear up some misconceptions. The Message of the Day they have in the UK is I believe part of their everyday message, reminding people that giving out your account information is never a good idea. This is a consistent reminder about best practices for protecting the security of your PSN account.


I am referring to specific actions taken by specific individuals recently that involve granting items to people by using their account info. I am not talking about gamesharing.


Hope that clears it up a bit.



 Again Cyd is talking about people scamming people and getting there account info.  Once this is done you can log-on to PSN and get all the games, movies and music for FREE!  This has nothing to do with ISE.  You do remember that is what we are talking about right?


ISE was not around in 2009 so I can't see what your point is.



^^^ HAHAHAHA  This last statement takes the cake. Kudos to you 4 making me LOL so hard it hurt.

I thoght the same thing lol it was around then


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