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Re: [INFO] Home Hold 'Em, Season 2 Update - [UPDATE: Season 2 got delayed]

Jul 11, 2012

Ok, so there are 20 people on the leaderboard with 2,147,483,647 in chips, does that mean the others that don't show on the board but with the same amount of chips don't get squat? YES!  


Well only 10 get the trophy.... 


And, did they really get to the top 10 or 20 or 30 by "poker sharkiness/pure luck or combination thereof?"  Sure, at least most did by glitching the game...  And, they get a reward for their skillful manipulation of the game... 


How's that for a slap upside the face to those that actually played straight... 


As a suggestion, do what RockStar does now for cheaters, put them all on the same server to battle it out among themselves when they log on..



Hey Home Community,


This July 4th brings some exciting news. Home Hold 'Em will get its update to "season 2" on this date, and we will reward the winners. Those in the top of the leaderboards will be given a special season 1 trophy to commemorate their poker sharkiness/pure luck or combination thereof.


Also at that time, everyone's chip count will be reset and all the leaderboards will be cleared to set season 2 off on an even playing field.


If you haven't played in a while, or want to try to get in on that trophy action (only 10 will get it!), get in there now and play your hearts out. Good luck!

by GlassWalls (Jun 14, 2012)



1) It got delayed.

2) It's being worked on as I type this.

3) We're hustling to get it out as fast as we can.

(We know you want it! It's going to be really awesome, I think, and think you will too).

4) We don't ever intentionally lie, but occasionally things get bumped at the last moment.

(Yup, it's true! No, we don't like it either, but we do the best we can. Please put things into perspective and think before you type.)


So please bear with us, it'll be coming out as soon as it's good and ready. It's just taking longer than we originally expected. Remember with the new additional features in season 2, it'll bring with it hundreds of thousands of hours of totally great fun for the community. :smileyvery-happy:



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