Apr 08 2013
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[INFO] Home 1.80 Patch Notes

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Good Morning Home Community,


This week on Wednesday, April 10th, PlayStation Home is getting an update to version 1.80. With this new version comes more item types, improved moderation tools, event tools and more.


Application of the Patch

As usual, if you are updating from an old version of Home (1.40 or earlier), please wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process.


New Features and Improvements


Improvements to Feature and Client Development

Significant changes have been made to the client to allow the development and release of future features without requiring a client update.


This means that future client patches will be more focuses on bug fixing and stability while New Features will be delivered on an individual and more regular basis outside of a client update.


Developing features in this way means we can make changes and implement bug fixes much faster, potentially on a weekly basis rather than having to wait until the next client release.


As this is a big change to the client, we aren't including a headline feature with this update to ensure it is as smooth, clean and focused as possible. 


New features based on the 1.80 technology will be released throughout the coming months. Here is an idea of some that are currently in development:


  • More Item Types – Including portable items with gameplay features and new types of Locomotion objects.
  • Player Inspect – Allowing players to inspect other players, see what items they are wearing and where they got them.
  • Improved Moderation – Providing enhanced tools to help Home moderators and admins provide a better service.
  • Improved Commerce Points – New systems to make the commerce process smoother and easier.
  • Events – Supporting broader and more engaging social & gaming events within Home. 
  • More use of server-side Save Data – Extending the range of save data now that it is kept on Home's servers. 


General Improvements


  • A feature has been added to allow developers to choose what emotes they with to use with specific outfits. This gives developers more freedom when creating outfits as they do not have to ensure that every default emote can work.
  • Players you have interacted with as you journey through Home will be added to your Players Met list on the XMB.
  • It is now possible for the client to display user presence information on your Friends List that can show where or what you and your friends are playing while in Home.
  • Developers can now specify specific spawn points for users that have been invited to a scene so that you will always appear in the right place.


Bug Fixes


  • An issue with a specific Hair Color being reset has been fixed.
  • Remaining issues with the sorting of the Inventory have been addressed.
  • Some cases of download and relocation to scenes taking longer than necessary have been fixed.
  • A bug that caused problems accessing mini-games and using queues after a network error has been fixed.
  • Various additions have been made to make Home more tolerant of poor network conditions.
  • A number of other bug fixes and general stability improvements have been made.



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