Jan 23 2013
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[INFO] Home 1.75 Patch Notes

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Good Morning Home Community,


Next week, Home is getting an update to version 1.75, and as we've pre-announced one feature so that core users who might be affected can fully prepare, here is the complete set of patch notes. I have highlighted some especially exciting changes that you probably didn't expect we were working on. I hope you enjoy this update.


Application of the Patch

As usual, if you are updating from an old version of Home (1.40 or earlier), please wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process.


New Features and Improvements


Save Data Transfer

  • With Patch 1.75 your save data will be transferred from your PS3 hard drive onto the Home Servers.
  • This will improve performance and means that your save data will remain available should you ever need to reinstall home or login from a different PS3.
  • The transfer process will take place when you first install the patch. This process will only occur once per account.
  • Once the transfer is complete Home will only read save data from the Home Servers. As such any backup data or saved data you may have on another PS3 will no longer be accessible.
  • The save data being transferred includes your Preferences, Character Saves and Apartment Furniture Layouts.
  • The transfer process will not affect your Purchases and Rewards which are already stored on the Home Servers. 

Wardrobe Improvements

  • You will now be able to access your wardrobe while in another person’s apartment.
  • If the apartment owner leaves their apartment while you are in the wardrobe you will automatically leave the wardrobe and relocate to your Harbour Studio.
  • You will see a message informing you that the host left to indicate why you have been relocated. 


PlayStation Plus Improvements

  • Extra functionality has been added for PlayStation Plus members.
  • PlayStation Plus members will now be able to select custom colors for their hair and make-up.
    • The color menu now has an additional customize option containing a color picker.
    • The last 8 custom colors that you have used are also kept in a palette so that you can select the exact same colors again if you need to.
    • The D-Pad can be used to switch between the color picker and the palette.
  • The number of character save slots for PlayStation Plus members has been doubled from 24 to 48.
  • An additional 8 pop up colors will also be available for PlayStation Plus members.
  • PlayStation Plus members can choose to display a PlayStation Plus icon on their character label.
  • Your PlayStation Plus subscription must be active to access these features.


UI Improvements

  • The WWW and Save Indicator icons have been updated to better reflect the new save data functionality. 


Club Improvements

  • Club Members can now choose to display the Club Name or Club Tag of their preferred club on their character label.
  • Each Club Menu has a Customize Player Label option where the display of the Club Name or Club Tag can be switched on or off. 


General Improvements

  • A number of general stability and performance improvements have been made.
  • Implemented an enhanced reconnection process.
  • The Camera Portable Item has been removed. The Camera is now only accessible from the emote menu by pressing [R1].




UPDATE: I switched the highlight color to orange so it's easier to read for people using the white theme skin instead of the dark one. 


UPDATE 2 (January 29): 

We have received news that the Home 1.75 platform update has been delayed to finalize details of the roll-out. This is a big, important update that will bring a lot of long-term benefits and requires a little extra preparation. We will provide you with further updates as we receive them but are hopeful that the delay will be no longer than two weeks.


UPDATE 3 (February 12):

Everything looks good and we're aiming to update Home tomorrow morning during the weekly content publish. See you on the flip side!

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