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Re: [INFO] Blog this week

Jan 11, 2013

ck2875 wrote:

TSUNADE1224 wrote:

This is just to get more traffic in the Blog, but I never go to the blog and this will certainly not change that, LOL HECK! I don't even come to the forums anymore for info on updates.  I've researched various sources and YPSH is the best IMO.  Smiley Happy

Yeah, the third party websites can pump out some pretty good info. I'm sure it's a matter of subjective taste, but I find YPSH to be a jumbled mess and from what I could tell it looks like the YPSH store database hasn't been updated since early October. 


Alpha Zone 4 seems to be much more on top of things in that department:

Um misunderstood what I said, for information on updates (meaning what's coming out) as I stated before I go to YPSH, not for item or store database. 

I agree that AZ4 has the best in store database and if I was looking for items that is where I would go.  Thanks for the info

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