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Re: I would really love a gym

Mar 26, 2013

Kmullins07 wrote:

Seeing as I am a personal trainer, and competitive bodybuilder in my real life I would greatly enjoy the ability to go to a gym and bulk my character up.


Avatars are supposed to be representations of ourselves. I realize that many kids and adults a like would probably make their avatar jacked for the sheer hope and joy that someone thinks they are like that for real, but to people like myself it would make home more enoyable.


I'd like to be able to interact with machines and equipment and develop myself into at least a semi-resemblence of my real self. 


I mean, I think they could even make it so that you could be fat if thats how you'd like it. Some people would be comfortable doing such and it would create strong diversity.


Just saying.


I want a gym. 

It is nice that you would like to incorporate you RL into home, but when it comes to Avatars being a representation of one selves this is not true.  I mean, we have demons, vampires, robots, ninjas, gangsters, hamsters, homelings, ect ect ect  not to mention guys that have female avatars and NONE of these are a representation of ourselves. 

Now, as far as your suggestion maybe you should have a better idea of what you would like to see and not just say "I want a gym" LOL.  Do you want the equipment for your personal space or a public space with gym equipment in it?  If you want a public space with the equipment then I can picture alll of these teens/kids at this gym wanting to buck up and YOU not being able to utilize the equipment since it would be constantly busy (just food for thought) It is also often suggested that a pictures be added to the suggestion along with details.

Good Luck



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Re: I would really love a gym

Mar 26, 2013
:^/ I would make the case that while an avatar indeed represents a player, it needn't resemble him.
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Re: I would really love a gym

Mar 26, 2013

al2009man wrote:

You forgot UFC Octagon/personal space. but it was removed due to glitches.

The personal space works just fine, and has no glitches.  It's just another one of many examples where they remove items that would sell.  

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Re: I would really love a gym

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Mar 26, 2013

al2009man wrote:

Boomer_3_14_15_9 wrote:

This is a really old Thread, but now that we the Workout Animation Pack it might not be such a bad idea.


Some people might like to workout with their Avatar, not that you would "bulk-up" your Avatar.

You forgot UFC Octagon/personal space. but it was removed due to glitches.


and now VEEMEE releases MyGym fitness machines (currently in Europe)

The UFC Octagon was created by THQ.

Note to THQ: Remove all references to UFC to avoid copyright issues and rerelease!

You have customers waiting here! lol


I like this space!

I tested all of the equipment this morning... no glitches.

The equipment is built into the space so no slots required.

Here are some pics! Enjoy!











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Re: I would really love a gym

Jun 7, 2013


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