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Re: I want trophies for playstation home

Jan 14, 2013

joethelostone wrote:

Don't need trophies that would bring unwanted people on Home, also you don't need them with rewards.  Plus Rewards are much cooler anyways.

I actually agree with this, in spite of the ridiculous trophy card in my signature.


If I had to choose between something like a single bronze trophy for beating the RE5 minigame over the Wesker sunglasses, I'd take those shades in a heartbeat. There's something rather special in getting something tangible that you can share with other users in a public or private setting, compared to the rather sterile and isolationist attitudes of trophies. I personally love collecting the Rewards that look like trophies, and turned my Harbor Studio into my own little "Trophy Room". It feels a lot more fun and engaging to have all these little mementos I can shelve and collect on my own, like there's a real sense of finality and accomplishment to it, rather than just pictures and text.


That and god the last thing Home needs is trophy boosting. Just going on and seeing "Hey guys I need help grinding Home Tycoon for the last trophy, who wants to help!?"

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