May 06 2007
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I think it is obvious

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To me it makes sense that they would need to slowly integrate the number of users/beta testers. I mean they probably are just starting out with having a limited amount of features and areas that the testers can go to and use. This way it makes it easier for the programmers to pinpoint any errors and debug.  If they just throw a massive amount of people into this then they will just have crashes and a lot of bugs and glitches could potentially remain unknown.
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Re: I think it is obvious

May 6, 2007
Good analysis.
It makes sense to me as well to bring in beta trialist slowly. If you experience server issues early on with say 200 beta testers for instance its more easier to pinpoint and fix then with 15000 beta users.
I know we all want to get into Home now but we gotta let the process work or else the final product will be a buggy mess. If not, Sony will have major complaints from everyone  when Home is released that it sucks because of all the bugs and lag issues. 
It's worth the wait!!
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