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Re: I miss Central Plaza

Jul 29, 2013

Nice Vid, great Vid, Jer : I must be feeling so nostalgic for the Old CP ; I even had fun looking  at the piles of gravel, and the safety cones.


Your movie did remind me of all the fun times I had there. I cannot remember one bit of fun I have ever had in the new pervert playpen they call the Hub. Sure, the old CP had some Chesters for sure, but the sheer beauty, open feeling, and that gorgeous Pond made up for 'em.

A couple of events, Christmas, Halloween, and a lot of walks were taken in that CP.


Anyway, your Vid was wonderful, and the music was superb. It was a real treat for me to watch it.

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Thank You.


Smiley Happy



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Re: I miss Central Plaza

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Jul 30, 2013

When you came to home back when the pkaza existed, the 1st time you'd spawn was in your harbor, snd start learning the control, now that being the case for many you'd head for its door wondering where's this take me? and then as your screen loaded, you'd find yourself in the plaza, a view of a new world filled with what seemed like other people like you, then your home adventure began, I still find my way to Yeti's vs Hunter's, and walk around thinking what it looked like before and many memory's come back of the 1st place we saw back then and the beauty of it.


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