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Re: I AM PISSED!!! - WARD OF DESPAIR? (very mad little man inside)

May 13, 2009

Igax wrote:

abercrombieco2 wrote:

i've played the game , its nothing speical , your really geting upset over nothing.   is it that important to play this stupid mini game for  a game that you probally don't own?  how many ppl have actually played siren?  how many ppl even own it?  probally not as many that come to the game space. 

Did you buy the full version or just the demo? I played the demo and the main thing that stopped me was I was not allowed (or at least I could not find) a means of inverting up/down look.

i played the demo of it , it was intresting, i was highly dissipointed to hear that they released a blu-ray ver of the game in japan and had no plans of a blu-ray release for the states.   if there was a blu-ray release i probally would have picked it up.  it seemed like a japanese horror (ringu, grudge, ect) movie type of feel  inluanced with silent hill like gameplay. 

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