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Re: How many of you watch soccer?

Jun 10, 2010

I love watching soccer.  But I didn't used to.  I'm american, born in Texas.  Here football is king.  Growing up that was/is my life.  Cowboys fan till I die thru good seasons and bad.  Used to make fun of soccer even though my dad (from Mexico) watched it all the time or went to local weekend games (draggin me and my brother with him).  Just couldn't understand how a 1-1 or 0-0 game could be exciting.  Huh?  You either win or u lose, and in tx schools u had to win no matter what!  No excuses.  But then one day I saw in the news that the U.S. had beaten Colombia in a soccer game.  And I thought 'how could they win, I thought we sucked in soccer'.  Then I saw that the Colombian player who scored an own goal, giving us the win, had been murdered or his brother was killed by a disgruntled fan.  And I thought, ' that's messed up, how can someone kill over a game?'.   My dad said 'el amor por el juego lo torcio'  which means kinda like his love of the game twisted the fan's mind to commit this terrible deed.  So I wanted to understand this 'love' for the game.  Just started watching games and I realized somtething, this game is fckn HARD!  Dribble a ball with your feet, make a pass to a teammate, head the ball into the net, all at breakneck speed!  That's impossible!'s not.  When they do it right, it looks easy. But it takes years to master it.  The brazilians start when they're like toddlers, like freakin jedi.  That's why they are the best.  And they have a passion for it.  A passion that regular americans don't understand.  It's a beautiful sport because when a team scores, they've achieved something nearly impossible to do.  It's like scoring on a hail mary pass, half-court winning shot at the buzzer, walkoff grannie, all rolled into one.  And a near miss is just as exciting to watch also, you can hear the crowd yell in a collective 'ooohhhhh'.  I'm looking forward to the World Cup so much, even though I don't think the U.S. can win the whole thing, I know that someday in my lifetime they will.  And when they do, it will be a great day for american fans everywhere.

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