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Re: How many active accounts are there in Home?

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Nov 5, 2013

It's a good question, I'm sure there's a lot of active users with busy spaces like Acorn Meadows and the Casino. Things would get a lot more interesting though if you throw buying something on Home in any given week into the mix.

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Re: How many active accounts are there in Home?

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Nov 8, 2013

asfghjklEU wrote:

My guess for active Home users is far more lower than that.


I use the Granzella event ranking numbers and they were 6000 for Ogre (paid item almost necessary) and 12500 for Kikai (can be done completely free) for NA. Just playing the tutorial should have given you 51 points and be ranked tie in last place. If the 100,000 was true, then that's only 13% that participated in the free event which is hard to believe in the limited small Home environment. What have the other 87% been doing? 

Not only that, but as mentioned in a similar thread, not only was the Kakai arguably one of if not the most popular event in Home in years, but just reading through the Kakai threads shows many, perhaps even most played it with more than one account, some saying they played it using several alt accounts.


While certainly unofficial, the number being tossed around by more than one dev last year was about 15,000 active users and now it looks like it may already be down to about 10,000.


Oddly enough, an excuse given for why Sony won't release the actual user data is that it's a publicly help company - and yet the opposite is true.  Because it is a publicly owned company, if the data was encouraging Sony would be quick to release the data.  They haven't and instead we have seen high profile devs quit Home because they simply could not make enough money to keep going.


If there truly were 100,000 active users, even if only 20% bought an item priced at $1 devs would not be having such a hard time making ends meet.

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