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Re: How come the much awaited "cache feature" does nothing new?

Oct 28, 2009

Sorry lol I'm at work. I misread and didn't even notice I made a type-o. Thanks mtngmr164 for the correction. Yes I meant decrease the time it takes to load. But no setting it to 3GB will make the load times longer. Anything over 3GB will reduce/decrease the load time. The default size of home before 1.3 was 3GB approximately. So 1.3 added this option to reduce the time it takes to load environment spaces.


From personal observation, the general startup time of home from the XMB hasn't changed(aside from 1.32's startup improvement time which no longer halts your ps3 during virtual item checking).

Not sure how you can't notice that you pop into spaces faster after setting it to at least 5gb. The first thing I noticed after 1.3 was when i was still at 3gb and my friend had set it to 5 or more. They would tell me to go to central plaza. I would leave first, then they would beat me to central plaza faster and be running about sooner than I would all the while I was still loading up. During my load screen it would even pop up saying they've arrived even though I left to central plaza before them. So I've set it to 12gb and notice environments load up faster.
Maybe 1.32 has cancelled out this benefit somewhat. But I still notice a longer load time difference the last time I set it back to 3gb from 12GB. I've left it at 12gb ever since noticing the benefit.
Again only thing that remains is the time it takes to load up the surrounding avatars around you from invisible to solid.
As for load up of wardrobe items and it loading faster because of the increased cache file size. That still remains slow regardless for me. For me it depends on where I am. If i'm in central plaza under a full load of people with lots of people playing saucer pop, even after everyone's avatar has loaded and all the video content on the vid screens is downloaded, I notice wardrobe navigating let alone item population is slow moreover choppy.
If I am in an unpopulated area such as my chamber studio all by lonesome and try wardrobe item population and navigating is quick and seamless.
I agree with Joanna, it would be neat if items were cached as well. Robot wink
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