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Re: How Home can make you a shut in.....

Mar 14, 2007

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Picture the guy living in his parents basement.... fritos all about, half empty can of mountain dew laying everywhere. Now picture him loggin onto his PS3. Booting up "Home" and strolling the grounds of his vast estate... Spending every last penny he has on item to fill his virtual home.

I mean WoW has broken up homes. I think it will be about 3 months after launch that you will start seeing news stories like this.

Here is something I though up for "Home" that I would LOVE to see just for coolness factor. They can have an online supermarket. I mean if you can shop for food online why not have it so you avatar and walk up and down the asile of the store putting virtual food in a virtual basket. But here is the kicker. When you check out the order is sent to "Vons" or someone who then delivers the order for you. How cool would that be?

not sure what you mean with 'WoW'....?

He is referring to the game World of Warcraft, this game has a notorious background for "making" gamers spend all of their time and money on it and adults have lost jobs by skipping work to play the game and children have skipped school and done many other thing that "supposedly" the game caused. But I don't believe in that the person has a problem which is nothing wrong with that but it becomes a problem when people twist the truth and make up excuses for these people, then they become an enabler, and the person with this problem puts it off on the game rather than facing there own problems then it just gets worse. Instead of making excuse they just need to get some help, and Home would not be any exception, someone would use that its addict as an excuse but its not its just a service online that allows hanging out and other things. So no Home makes no one a shut in, gamers themselves make theirselves shut ins

Dont forget EQ was also reported to do the same thing to people.

Yeah but in any case games in general don't make people shut in the people themselves do, all they need to do is get some help though they might not be able to do it for themselves surely there is someone who would help them, like any other addiction, that would make them go to get some help like family members or good friends. Just don't put the problem on games because many people here game and have fun and do this and that, but when its time to get down to business they do it, so obviously its not games if others can play the same game yet get up and do what they have to do.
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