Aug 09 2012
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Home server freezing happening again

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Ok well I been on home for 2 years and was til almost a year ago when every time I go to a playground server somebody freezes the server for fun, no it wasn't my Internet, no it wasnt my ps3, it was someone there doing it, my proof is they say they are going to freeze it then my screen gets stuck and I can't move but I kept playing anyway and eventually gave up cuz of it. About to weeks ago I heard the freezing is patched and I came bk on again was happy, but about 2 days ago I froze, then again and again.... Yesterday I froze again then again, now every time I go to a playground server I freeze and if u don't believe me look for yourself. No I won't jus go somewhere else pg is the only place I like to go to on home. Now it's freezing again and I'm annoyed why can't it be forever patched
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Re: Home server freezing happening again

Aug 9, 2012
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