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Re: Home’s Top Avatar - Western Week

Jul 26, 2010


AmericanNinja1 wrote:


trt05 wrote:

I've been voting for these contests thread since they have started and you guys are really making it hard for me to want to vote, just post your pic and be done with it.  I hate having to scroll through chatter or seeing people post links back to their submission, especially if its done numourous times throughout the thread.

I agree. I also think the pics shouldn't be these story comic type pics. just post a pic or two of your avatar. no need to have some story to go with it. This isn't a fan fiction or story time contest.



Story comic type pics are fine with me.To each their own.


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Re: Home’s Top Avatar - Western Week

Jul 27, 2010


Jim777 wrote:

Ohhh cowboys, nice one this time!


Hey Glass what happened to that Magnus fellow that was runnin these things Smiley Indifferent 

Magnus has had to step away from being the active person on this weekly activity because of his schedule. I filled in while he was away on vacation, and he's not been able to squeeze time in to pick it up. I hope you don't mind me taking it over.


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