May 03 2007
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Home's Impact

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This thing is getting outta control!! Yes, I'm talking about home. When I read the RUMOUR mill website the day before GDC, they leaked the information about home. There they had people's RESPONSE's. I was literally scared for Phil Harrison the next day. The responses were NOT as good as his statement "You'll be happy to be a Playstation owner today".
There were ALOT of negative comments on that board. "It was stupid", "they were stealing ideas", "it was a lousy attempt to bring back online", as well as my favourite, "I bought a Playstation to play games not live in a virtual world".
Here we are... May 3nd 2007. By the sounds of it... Home is a HUGE hit. The negative feedback (IMO) has pretty much stopped, everyone is excited, and I think that the competitors are getting scared now. We're now into Beta testing and PS3 owners WANT  (most of us) to do Beta testing, they want home, they're excited for Home.
HOME is gonna be HUGE!!!
Eat your heart out all you negative feedback posters from way back yonder!
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Re: Home's Impact

May 3, 2007
It will be cool but I doubt I will spend most of my time on it,  GAMING is what matters I didn't spend 600 dollars to be roaming  in this HOME stuff.
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Re: Home's Impact

May 3, 2007
It's definitely going to be massive.  Don't look for me at 'Home' as I'll probably be out most of the time playing games

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