Jan 14 2010
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Home managers DO listen

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Firstly my apologies if this should be just posted in the irem threads,but to me the most important thing about the arrival of irem apart from it being an awesome place with loads of freebies,is that it demonstrates that our home team DO listen to what we want ,,and irem epitomises them doing their jobs perfectly in communicating those wishes, im sure there is many other examples Before people start slating etc remember they DO know what we want but their roles are limited to influencing the decisions of others in terms of the content etc. Also if anyone wants to think im sucking up or whatever then go ahead i dont care,its just that i thnk credits due where its due and irem restores a little faith to me that our team do know what we want and do listen,so thanks
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Re: Home managers DO listen

Jan 14, 2010
I attribute the popularity of the IREM Beach to the reason why we are getting IREM in North America. The popularity in particular of the beach space, as well as other IREM spaces, and the dollar value associated with the sales of beach wear in that region have convinced Sony and the Home team that there is a bundle to be made in North America.

For me, that's fine. Home doesn't operate without a good revenue stream. It would have been foolish for IREM to ignore the sales of it's clothes in the mall, the beachwear at the Seaside of Memories, and the general popularity of it's spaces in general, to not take note that they would do extremely well here in North America.

One could say that we may very well be getting IREM due to the power of the bikini. LoL Many many North Americans, Europeans and others made the jump to japan with real money after the beach was introduced.
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Re: Home managers DO listen

Jan 14, 2010
Thank you Spelunker.
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Re: Home managers DO listen

Jan 14, 2010

I attribute it to the mere fact that like the HCMs have said in the past, one region may test out certain things, while another does another thing. One region has one thing, and when it's properly tested out (both technically speaking as well as from a popularity standpoint), other regions will get it.


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