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Re: Home is up! Ta da da da!

Oct 10, 2013

torag365 wrote:

Home was under an hour maintenance, I submitted the thread as soon as it was up.

Always wondered what "Ta Da" or "Nah Nah" means. I guess it's either this, or Windows 95 starting sound.

I suppose the first time I read the quoted "Ta da da da!", this is immediately what came into my mind.

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Re: Home is up! Ta da da da!

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Oct 10, 2013

StephieRawks wrote:

"Ta-da!" is onomatopoeia for the trumpet-style fanfare after someone completes a particularly impressive stunt or trick and came into use about a century ago.


Not sure I've ever heard "nah nah" used in that context, but if you're referring to the "Home is up! Nuh-huh!" threads on these forums, the nuh-huh was coined by Joanna_Dark_.

Thanks for the heads up! Smiley Happy

But I think, when I post the message "Home is up!" I will stick with "Ta da da da" (Beethoven 5th Symphony) Smiley Wink

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