Apr 11 2013
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Home is freezing A LOT since today's update

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I just purchased a brand new Super Slim model PS3 last week and have been using Home (fresh install obviously) and playing games perfectly fine.

But after's todays update every other space (Hub, Mall, Edo etc...) I visit on Home completely locks up the system resulting in a force shutdown. I'm worried I'm gonna corrupt my hard drive at this rate...

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Re: Home is freezing A LOT since today's update

Apr 11, 2013
I hav'nt had such issues today, it may perhaps be your connection.

If you do believe this is resulting from update 1.80 though, I recommend posting this matter in "Playstation Home Support", so it may be considered an issue, and others who may be experiencing similiar problems can leave their input.

Link to Playstation Home Support -
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