Mar 25 2007
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Home being discussed at William and Mary

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My brother attends William and Mary in Virginia. He said that several political professors there have begun using Home as the central topic when discussing exponential social progress. Basically, this takes examples like Home and Facebook and explains the power of social networking. Networks such as Home are extremely powerful because not only does it allow users to interact, but the formation of groups are considered to increase the power of the network by a power of 2. Groups, or nodes, allow for more discussion and ideas.

Nice to see high academia is taking Home into account.

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Re: Home being discussed at William and Mary

Mar 25, 2007
Yeah I've had a few discussions with my fellow college professors about it as well.  Seems to be a neat idea for the future of the web.
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Re: Home being discussed at William and Mary

Mar 25, 2007
Thats totally awsome...
I'm studying Communications arts @ Wayne State University,
I brought up HOME as class discussion because we're covering Virtual Groups for communication topics.
It was interesting to the older classmates about what Sony is doing.  I was a little upset to read that its not coming until Fall of this year though.
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