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Re: Home at E3?

Jun 6, 2014
R.I.P Home e3 event 2010-2013 Smiley Sad
Nice letting us down sony.
Like usually they normally do people's like a
1,000's care
About home and these types of events.

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Re: Home at E3?

Jun 6, 2014

BaronBrain wrote:
But what's to be disappointed about? Nothing last forever, especially with gaming. I've had fun times, met some great (and not-so-great) people, and — best of all — made some amazing friends along the journey, some of whom will definitely remain such long after Home is nothing more than a fond memory… or else!!! Smiley Happy How could I be disappointed with something like this?


For me at least, the "disappointment" stems from knowing it didn't have to be this way.  Instead, it's a glaring reminder of how terrific projects can be ruined by terrible management, and I'm not just talking on a Community level, but right on up to the Director, and above.


Home is already a constant reminder of a missed opportunity that never even had a chance to reach it's potential due to some really bad decisions on Sony's part.  That's what is worth being disappointed about - for me at least.


I certainly wont ever be disappointed about the people I have met, and the good time's I've had with them... but that has nothing to do with how poorly Home was run.

Sony's PlayStation Home updated mission statement...

"Like it never happened"

- Stand for something better than mediocrity and don't disguise it as adequate, when clearly it is far from that to anyone willing to be objective and unbiased. -

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Re: Home at E3?

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Jun 6, 2014

BaronBrain wrote:


Jersquall wrote:

They should not have waiting until now to tell us. hurt? dissapointed? disrespected? All of the feelings you now have could of been avoided. They did it wrong.


I'm sure this has been in the planning for a very long time. But it all comes down to corporate business decisions, as things usually do.


If Sony properly told us a couple years ago that Home was definitely positively on its way out, how many users would have left the platform then and there? Or never have been pulled into Home in the interim (for which I'm forever grateful that someone was)?  


Now think of all those monthly virtual sales, and how much money Sony would lose if that userbase dried up? From a business standpoint, of course Sony would want to delay any notification as long as they possibly could in order to maximize profits (if any). It's nothing new for any company.


Do I personally feel hurt or disrespected? Not even remotely. Truthfully, I expected Home to be shut down back in 2012. So the extra years of life were most(ly) welcome.


As for disappointed… slightly. But having been thru every single gaming console cycle to date, I expect things to change each generation. Old services are shut down, and I can't recall anything online that's made the jump to a new generation except for franchise games. Although Home was a brand-new beast, it unfortunately seems subject to the same console cycle rules.


But what's to be disappointed about? Nothing last forever, especially with gaming. I've had fun times, met some great (and not-so-great) people, and — best of all — made some amazing friends along the journey, some of whom will definitely remain such long after Home is nothing more than a fond memory… or else!!! Smiley Happy How could I be disappointed with something like this?


Just as Sony management has not announced or fielded questions about E3, they have continued to avoid any questions about Home's future. I have noticed other companies announce dates when they are no longer going to offer servers or support specific games. You gain more in providing correct information to your customers than misleading them. You gain their trust and future loyalty.


Why is Home any different? Because of microtransanctions? Maybe so, but a prudent company would be looking for ways to keep us as a customer base versus pull the rug out from under us time and time again. No communication and deliberately avoiding, twisting answers, and evading our questions is just plain diservice. 


Simply communicating timelines and future projects allow people to make transitions to alternate social entertainment venues. Instead of viewing customers as people who need to be manipulated, try sharing and gleaning ideas from them as valuable players.


I am one of the lucky ones who has found another outlet. But my heart is heavy for friends and memories that are now tarnished because of Sony's mismanagement of this situation. This is not the end of Home yet, but it sure feels like it. Mur

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Re: Home at E3?

Jun 6, 2014


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Re: Home at E3?

Jun 7, 2014
Love pics but very true, sony has killed home, look at it in detail all started when they removed plasa,since then it gone downhill,
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Re: Home at E3?

Jun 7, 2014

D-Nitrate wrote:

At least one good thing came out of all this and the way this 'news' was delivered... it has managed to bring many of us who have had harsh disagreements with one another together, and reminded us that we do have an important common bond, and that's our appreciation for what Home can offer and what it could offer.  I just wish Sony and the management team felt the same way as many of us do about Home.


I totally agree and I believe this is the time to set aside petty grudges, arguments and disagreements and come together as a community.  We should get together June 10th starting at 12pm PDT and have a day of observance on Home.  We can chat mingle and share our Home stories with each other Smiley Happy since for many this may be the last time they sign onto Home.

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Re: Home at E3?

Jun 7, 2014

If Sony wants me to have a PS4, they can buy me one and a new TV that supports it. For all of the money I have put into Home, that sounds fair to me. Plus, it would make up for their cheaply built PS3s, which I have had nothing but bad times with. I had a 40gig, after a few years, the disc drive went out. Upgraded to a slim and that lasted for just over a year, before the HDD and disc drive decided to take a **bleep**. I'm on an ultra slim PS3 model and this will be my last PS3. I took care of the first two PS3s real well and I'm doing the same with my third one and hoping that doesn't crap out in a year or so, either. Until sony can prove to me that they can make a gaming system that lasts, like my PS1 and PS2, I'll gladly get a PS4. I am not wasting my time on another Sony product that is just going to turn out to be something that doesn't last very long or something that requires upgrades to make the system last longer, a money pit isn't what I want and that is how I have felt about the PS3 systems for a long time. As a console building company, Sony should have their **bleep** together and know how to make a lasting gaming system and not leave it up to the customer to put upgrades in it to make it last. That is not the customer's job.

As for Home, I'm not surprised, but what ticks me off more is the PS3 being written off so soon. It makes me want to say very horrible things to Sony.

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Re: Home at E3?

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Jun 7, 2014

I think this is the day that GlassWalls wanted nothing to do with. 


There's no easy way to do this without sounding like I'm making one of those lame "I'm gone for good" or "RIP Home" threads. lol This is not meant to be self-serving in any way. I really just want to thank all of the people, especially those who I shared so many fun times with in Home and became friends with, for being so generous, kind, funny, creative, intelligent, talented, helpful and entertaining. I met so many good people in Home over the years, some that moved on from Home long ago and some that still use it, that I couldn't possibly name them all individually, but a lot of them are still on my friends list and I hope they will all stay there.


I have boiled over with frustration here over the past few months and it's been embarassing at times to think of what people who use these forums and are on my friends list must think. It has been a time of just accepting the reality of Home's demise, the money wasted, the way Sony handled it, seeing this technology die, feeling deceived by Sony, etc.....and sometimes I needed to just sound off for my own relief and satisfaction I guess. It never comes across well I know, probably for me because I'm not an unhappy person by nature. Home went from something, early on, that could make my day to something, more recently, that could ruin my day. 


Anyways, I'm over it but didn't want to walk away without thanking those who became my friends and others who helped here on the forums and in Home as well. Also, I want to thank the fansites that are dedicated to Home for their tireless efforts to provide other sources for Home info. and discussion. The 3rd party developers in Home deserve a huge thanks as well. I didn't like all of them, but some had a real comittment to Home and you could tell the time and effort that went into their work. I wish them all good luck with whatever they move onto. I think users showed all the support and dedication to this platform that they could and unfortunately, in the end, Sony handled it like any ungrateful, greedy and ruthless corporation would. It's the world we live in I'm afraid. 


Lastly, just a few assorted pics that remind me of my friends and the good ol' days. Thanks everyone for a fun chapter in my life. I'll be around on the PS3 so don't think you can get rid of me too. lol 




Image20100906224946362 - Copy.jpg






Image20110102113207701 - Copy.jpg







PlayStation®Home Picture 2-18-2010 0-05-53.JPG


PlayStation®Home Picture 2-18-2010 0-19-53.JPG


PlayStation®Home Picture 6-27-2010 0-31-20.JPG


PlayStation®Home Picture 11-1-2010 3-27-21 - Copy.JPG


PlayStation®Home Picture 11-1-2010 10-55-00 - Copy.JPG



PlayStation®Home Picture 2-3-2011 7-49-36.jpg


PlayStation®Home Picture 8-20-2011 11-30-40.jpg



Thank you friends!





Sorry I couldn't list usernames and/or give credit to everyone in those photos, but you all know who you are right? lol
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Re: Home at E3?

Jun 7, 2014

I read the news here and figure I would share my thoughts on this. It's a real disappointment that E3 won't be on home this year, cause I would be geared up to see E3 come this year, but now I feel disappointed that Sony don't care about home no more. When I first came to home in 2010, I felt it pulsating with life and people despite it being the first online experience for me. I have made good friends and (some enemies), but to see this all taken away really hurts. I have impressed a lot of people with what I did. It's a place where I made countless videos and other creative things. I don't want to give it all up. I loved Playstation Home not just for E3 (which had wonderful events) but for meeting up with the various friends I made and the great events (especially Halloween and Christmas) when the Home devs would make great stuff for us.  I'm sure many of you feel the same way. It was a place for creativity for me and everyone else, but to see it all vanish just like that...

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Re: Home at E3?

Jun 7, 2014

Just laying this out here:


Whoever surmises Home's outcome to be "inevitable" through attempts to get information or to create any sense of Home's future is not looking at the full picture here. 

Past E3 events here have been nothing but a laggy, janky experience. That's money being shelled out to create this experience on Home. There are other venues and reasons behind why E3 is not making it into Home. 


Seriously, instead of anyone thinking "Home isn't going to be around and this is further proof to this" seriously don't know what they are talking about. Theory doesn't equate to facts. Argue this until you're black and blue but my local Movie Theatre will be featuring this experience for free. 


I happened to grab myself a ticket and will be going to watch the event. I'd rather socialize in real life to do so than to go onto Home and experience lag, freezing, and Fam fruitlets that wish to throw up gang signs and say "WE BE DA BESTZ, Y'ALL!!"

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