Oct 25 2013
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Home Tycoon Anniversary City Contest winners!

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Contest winners


Phew! We had a ton of entries this time around, and after much deliberation, we've decided on the lucky winners of our Home Tycoon Anniversary Celebration City Showcase Contest! Because there were so many great entries, we've also got three honorable mentions who each win 100 Gold CoinsWithout further ado, here are the winners:


Top 3 Cities (US):


1st Place: Your_Empress (City #147950) - 500 Gold Coins
2nd Place: Like2Hike (City #520883) - 350 Gold Coins
3rd Place: frigige (City #600862) - 250 Gold Coins


Honorable Mentions:

fathamburger (City #572814) - 100 Gold Coins

PCP-3PO (City #274259) - 100 Gold Coins
XAN_OMEGA (City #219858) - 100 Gold Coins


Congrats to our winners! Your Gold Coin prizes are waiting for you in your cities, and the top 3 winners' cities will be showcased in the Hellfire Favorites of the City Navigator menu at the Home Tycoon Train Station very soon!


See you all in the New Heights expansion soon. Robot wink


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Re: Home Tycoon Anniversary City Contest winners!

Oct 25, 2013
Very nice, congratulation to all the winners, especially Your_Empress, it's always nice to see someone from the forums win. Well done Smiley Happy
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Re: Home Tycoon Anniversary City Contest winners!

Oct 25, 2013

Congratulations to the winners.

Thank you Hellfire for hosting this nice little contest.

And... Most importantly Happy bday Home Tycoon Smiley Tongue

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Re: Home Tycoon Anniversary City Contest winners!

Oct 26, 2013

Thank you, Novus, Mermaid etc!


I was honestly worried I was too late getting my pictures in (here n facebook, home tycoon facebook first). Although I know i got my city view screenshot in on time. Just a city screenshot is very boring n it really doesn't show much at all of the details or the possible landscapes of Home Tycoon. anyway, thank you Hellfire, I'm very happy n *very surprised* that I won first place, I expected maybe 2nd or 3rd, but not 1st!


I would kudo this thread n Mermaid etc of course, but I am out of Kudos again! I got lost in that "Home on the PS4" thread.


smh I really don't even like thinking about it, since i know that any official answer is a long ways off. I won't be buying a ps4 right away since I want to see how it works for others first. but of course I will get one if PS Home is on it. I will get one eventually regardless, but the virtual world of Playstation Home is the main reason I even have a PS3, n I'm not ashamed to admit that.


Thank you Hellfire Games!


I had fun making those pictures with friends, that I posted too!


Your_Empress x7 flirt leader worldwide final and forever photo Your_Empress x7 forever final_zpssgnzebgr.jpg
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Re: Home Tycoon Anniversary City Contest winners!

Oct 26, 2013
Congratulations Your_Empress and to the other winners as well ^_^
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Re: Home Tycoon Anniversary City Contest winners!

Oct 26, 2013

Congrats to all the winners!










Sooo...who's going to inspect Empresses city? Smiley Tongue

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