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Re: Home To Have Pets/Girlfriends/Boyfriends/Jobs/ Etc!!!!

Mar 12, 2007

ClayPigeon wrote:

steveo6890 wrote:

Big_Man_G wrote:
A source told a website that apprantly home will have the following -
Pets - You can lookafter your on pets, being dgs,cats,snakes etc
You have to feed them ,walk them everything you can do in real life!
Girlfriends and Boyfriends -
You can also have girl friends and boy friends, so you can date.

Jobs - So say you really want to buy furniture from to plastation store but your parents wont let you, so you can get a job in home, e.g
Do dog walking for other members etc, and the tokens will come from home and let you buy something with your tokens.

Also you can share a room with a buddy, or even house etc!!
Pretty Good Ideas...

Can I Get Your Views??????

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blue yes
red no
pink no

Exactly as steveo put it.

That's better
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