Jan 16 2011
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Home Theater Needs An Update

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I would love to watch things such as the Tester 2, but my Internet is very slow.  I have talked to many people on Home who say the same thing.  Why can't Home analyze your Internet like Netflix does and make it usable for everyone?  I would rather watch a video in low quality than watch a video that freezes every two seconds.

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Re: Home Theater Needs An Update

Jan 17, 2011

i agree that the theater does need an update, like u should beable to pre-load your video, while walking around the theater lobby,almost like showing times. even a pause feature would be good.  sony HAS great video software for the net in crackle, utilizing it in home doesn't seem like to hard of a solution to all this.  and they should giveaway popcorn bags, as a hand item, or statue with movie and content branding, INSTEAD of all these useless t-shirts.  we can't delete them after all, so y not make it something u can start collecting from when the trailer appears, to the blu-ray release, these instead of getting the same shirts twice.

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Re: Home Theater Needs An Update

Jan 18, 2011

I agree as well and it was frustrating earlier when I watch the HomeCast and every 2 minutes it pauses to load. They should apply the downloading of the space with the video so I can walk around the theater. Maybe go shop a little at the stand or play cat and mouse with the perverts. I rather wait a little more for the download of the space with the video instead of watching it pause every 2 minutes. Anyways I stop watching the HomeCast video 15 minutes into it but sadly i was booted off PSH with those damn network errors.

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